Friday, May 01, 2009

And The Not So Mr. Swabe

Location: FF, Core Work-out Area

I was cleaning the sit-up equipment (or whatever you call that thingy) with a cloth when some guy went to the next equipment and talked to me just when I looked at him.

Guy: Uhmm miss. OK ba to? (pointing to the next equipment)

Knowing that (a) the equipment doesn’t have a tag in it that says it’s off kilter and (b) nobody’s occupying it meaning he can safely try and see for himself is already a signal that “Sod it KC. It’s a lame introduction.” Haha!! But since “he’s a bit of an all right” and by that I meant a tall, well-built chinito, I allowed it to slip. Suppressing a smile from my face, I feigned innocence.

Me: Errr, yeah. Siguro punasan mo na lang yung pawis. (Maybe you just need to wipe off the moist.)
Guy: Ah ok.

He then borrowed the spray and the cloth from me and started wiping off the moist in the head rest.

Expecting another round of exchange of words from him, I sat still and not proceeded with the sit-ups. I took off my visor and fixed my hair. So talagang naka visor pa sa gym?? Hahaha!!!

Guy: Tuwing kelan ka dito? (How often do you go here?)

See? See? I was right! Hahaha!!

Me: Hmm..every Saturdays lang.

Pause. Quite a long one, before he said

Guy: Eh diba dapat thrice a week? (Shouldn’t it be thrice a week?)

Me: Onga. Minsan kasi sa ibang branch ako nag-ggym. (Yeah I know. I work-out in other branches too.)

Guy: Ah saan? (Where?)

Me: Hmmm..minsan sa Greenhills, minsan Megamall. Pa-iba iba kasi eh depende kung san yung work ko. (Sometimes Greenhills or Megamall. It depends on where my work is.)

And then suddenly I have this niggling feeling in my stomach on what his next question would be. Before I could even wish that it’ll not be it or yet think of another topic to talk about, he went for it.

Guy: San ka ba nagwowork? (Where do you work?)

And there!! The question I’ve been avoiding not only because it’s (a) too complicated of a set-up for me to explain and (b) I’ve read this thing in “How To Be Single” which I’m sooo not recommending for you to read because it’s just so pathetic (haha!!) on how a lawyer tells guys she meets that she’s a “facialist” because of this study from England that the dumb girls are getting the guys. Just get the opposite of it, okay?

I weighed my options and basically, it all boils down to telling a truth or a lie and since (a) “honesty is the best policy” has always been my motto when it comes to relationships (err, take out that s in the last word, haha!) and (b) doing exactly what the lawyer did will just make me another pathetic creature like her, I went for the former and explained my job set-up.

After an uncountable number of sentences while him nodding to my explanation, he said he’ll just check out his friend.

I love this pausing part whenever I tell this story to my girlfriends. Hahaha!! At this juncture, they will already be asking questions like “Oh, did he get your number?”, “What’s his name?” and “What does he look like” and all other things! Hahaha!! These GIRLS, THEY’RE JUST TOO EXCITED FOR MY LOVELIFE!!! Hahahaha!!!

And in the highest pitch I could ever muster, I’ll screech,


Hahaha!! It ended just like that. JUST. LIKE. THAT. Ha-di-bloody ha!!

Now what was up with that???

Was it really about it?? I want other plausible explanations!! Please!! Haha!! Coz this is just too scary. I just refuse to believe that that book has a point in that matter coz the ending is just too miserable for happy ending fanatics like me. :P

Anyway, just sharing. Another one story to be added in my famous but unpublished book of “Guy Encounters”. Hahaha!!!

It’s a long weekend guys! Hope you have a good one. ;-)

P.S. Don't stress yourself too much thinking. Could just be a dirt in my teeth for all you know. Haha!! How I wish! :P


Anonymous said...

deng, you lied to him lol..
you go to other branches not because of work, but where there are sales on the mall lol :D ..
btw what exactly did you tell him, for him not to come back? haha. Next time just tell him you're a consultant for a multinational.
He'd be impress, and you still might be talking. (plus you wouldn't be lying)


Anonymous said...

Ugh!! Wil, that's what I said!! you see? guys hate smart girls! yes he maybe was impressed, but what if he cant keep up with that?? *sigh*

mall sale?! hahaha!! u have a point!! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he got intimidated. It's a situation where he probably thinks, this chick is way out of my league, and moved on..

I on the other hand am trying to find a sugar mamma.. I want someone to maintain the lifestyle I'm used too.. HAHA


Nivek said...

I can't stand stupid girls. I really need someone who I can talk to on an intellectual level. So please don't change.

Anonymous said...

By the way, do you mean Mr. Suave?

Anonymous said...

to wil, yup that's what i thought too..oh man please..haha!!

sugar mama?? goodluck!! haha!!

to kev, i wont change dont worry..:P

yep, mr Suave..