Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting Merlion

Messy is already the constant description of my room each day. You can ask Lisa and Joy about that. But during wardrobe rehearsals for trips abroad, I don’t think I could come up with a term anymore. Maybe if you watched that Shopaholic movie wherein Becky kept all her clothes in deflatable plastics in her wardrobe to hide from Suze but the latter discovered it, opened the shelf and then suddenly clothes came flying everywhere. Yeah, I think that’s better. LOL!! You see there’s messy and then there’s my room. :P

Gosh, can’t believe my flight is already on Sunday and I. HAVEN’T. FINALIZED. MY. WARDROBE. YET. Uugh!! Been trying to finish things for work lately so I can concentrate on what’s up for me next week that I haven’t found some time yet to pen my per day outfits in my mini notebook. Yup, I do that. And what a relief to find out that I’m not alone in that habit. :) I saw the same from Raine’s organizer last time when I was still with Samsung. :) Well let’s just say it’s a must for professional fashionistas like us. Hahaha!!!

Again, nothing new in my wardrobe. A LIE. Haha!! Okay there’s one. And I’m really really so so excited to wear this dress below. The saleslady’s been insisting that I try it on and I thought I was already successful last Monday when I didn’t cave in. The dress haunted me back at home and what the heck; I tried it yesterday and saw this in the mirror!

MY OH MY!! What a fit!! The gray dress I got from this same store which I declared as my favorite (but has just been worn once if you must know :P) has already found a replacement. Hahaha!! Look at that curve. :P Angela and I spent an oodle of time yesterday arguing what’s responsible for that. Of course, don’t be fooled. It’s the illusion of the dress. :P Hahaha!!

I'll also be bringing a favorite accessory. And here's to wishing that this would already be my last obsession to the character of Carrie Bradshaw of SATC. It's her personalized necklace. But of course mine has my name in it. :) Our firstnames really don't differ that much right? :P

Remember when she thought she lost it in Paris, but then found it again which was the sign on the return of her true love, Mr. Big. Aaaah!! Well, I wouldn't wish loosing it but I can hope for the other one right?? Yeah, dream on! Haha!!

And since it's been a long while since I posted anything about clothes here, I'm a leave you with this one yesterday. My latest favorite color combination. :)

I'll still be posting next week. TGIF! :)

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