Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kinda Excited

Would you believe that this was Bora some 18 years ago? Yup, it was. Look how underdeveloped it is back then. There’s me with my Kuya and Mama holding the little cutie patootie Lem. Hehehe. Since Paps originated from the province of Aklan, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the beach back when it wasn’t yet famous and fully evolved as it is now. Not that I would notice that back then, but still!

And now I’m coming back. Well, it’s not really that my last visit there was at that age where I could go topless. Hahaha!! But I can say it’s been ages. I was still in college during my last trip with my parents (the two guys didn’t want to come and you know how family-oriented middle children are :P ;-).

I’ve seen lots of pics from before so I don’t really expect that much. I just want the BEACH for MYSELF!! Is that possible?? Haha!! I don’t like it too crowded that’s why I preferred to come before the Holy Week although I already have to admit to myself that YES, IT’S GONNA BE CROWDED. :P Hehe. Whatevs! Guess I’ll just have to enjoy it with my friends and if I wasn’t satisfied with this trip (which charged me more than my Kota Kinabalu trip sometime October, duh???), it’s for sure we can always go back to our little haven in Pagbilao, Quezon. Right guys? ;-)


Nivek said...

I noticed the little gleam of a shopaholic in your eyes even as a little girl... did you have your eyes on a new pair of shoes in this photo? By the way, did I ever tell you how much I hate the music on your blog page. It always messes up my iTunes :(

Anonymous said...

haha!! really? i think what's obvious in this photo is that i love the beach so much..look how dark i am.. :P

anyways, sorry bout this but i really like having a song on my page.. :P i think any application with music will mess up with ur itunes..:)


Anonymous said...

What else can I give you a hard time about? Isn't that what friends are for??