Friday, January 09, 2009

We're Soooooooooooooooo Friends!!

She sits there comfortably in the couch in front of me and asks casually,

“Oh, kamusta na sila?” (How are they?)

Judging by her looks I know whom she’s asking about but I innocently replied,

“Sila? Sinong sila?” (Them who?)

“Sila. The father of all.”

Ookay. But where do I begin?? Has it been that long since I last updated her?? Oh yeah right!! But not my fault though, I’ve proven it later in our discussion. Haha!! :D

She then started enumerating them “active” men in my life (since my last update) while I, like a student in a recitation, promptly give her the stories why they are long gone and excised in my life.

“So, meaning to say wala ngayon.” (Wala – None. Ngayon – Now :P)

Shook my head.

“We’re sooooooooooo friends.” All my single ladies put your hands up!! LOL!!

Whatever is it she’s doing in her diet definitely works for her!! I think the rival gym to which she transferred to months ago yielded better results than the previous one. :P But sorry I’m a loyal to FF. Hmm, I think there are better boys there that’s why she’s inspired. Hahaha!!!

Took some long catching up before we finally ordered our lattes and when it’s time for the photo-ops, the topic transiently switched when she stated that she had this slight sulking about a certain event. Of course I noticed her being withdrawn sometime before but then I know she will understand the situation.
Still sorry na girl, will make up it to ya next time. :)

I’m glad I had the chance to meet my girlfriends this week before I leave on Saturday. Last Wednesday I also met up Cathy in the gym since I’ve been frequenting the Manila branch now and after that I headed to Joy’s apartment to return something. Joy’s not soooooooo single anymore. Hahaha!! Finally, someone breaks the chain!! :P I will be also meeting Tytana in the airport this Saturday since we have the same time of flight in the evening, me bound to SG and her to AU. Nice!

I did some babysitting after meeting up with Lisa. Hehe. This is baby Aedan:

That little boy's such a sunshine!! It's Froi's son. Froi the W (insert him here) Y Z. :P :P :P Their place is quite near so I decided to drop by to personally meet his firstborn.

Although it's unusual for others, it's no showbiz that we're friends. Yes we are. We're soooooo friends!! Hehe.

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