Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Discovery Channel :P

Have I mentioned that I was with 6 men in Pangasinan?? Hehe. There were two 12-year old kids (Dondon & Oboy), 2 guys in mid-twenties (Dek and Jose), Kuya Jeff and Tito Gilbert. They’re all Joy’s relatives and family friends in Laguna. :)

Sunday afternoon we visited this open beach called (i forgot the name, haha! :P). Beyond this beach is already the South China Sea. We’re supposed to go to this white beach called Patar but we didn’t have enough time since we’re traveling back in the evening.

When the elders went off to buy some food in the wet market, I was basically left to attend to the two kids. The sun was still high and I’m not that eager to swim so as only to burn my skin so I stayed there in the shore observing what was left off in the rocks after the high tide. – That is the good enough version. Haha!! Tell you the truth I was more like those street children picking up anything rubbish and checking them out. Haha!! When I started collecting these little creatures called “Umang”, the two kids followed suit.

Honestly, I don’t know what they’re called in English. From what I understand “Umang” also means “Abang” in Tagalog which is associated to the behavior of these crustaceans (this class to which they belong, that I’m certain! :P). They’re like the sea version of the “Makahiya plant” – quickly hiding in their shells whenever they sense something foreign moving in their surrounding. (Naks, I really made some observations as to its etymology! Hahaha!!)

Now Oboy started picking up quite bigger “Umangs” in the sea and placed them in one of the cans scattered by the shore. Hahaha!! We were entertained just by observing them and their behavior like for example how they have a hard time standing when the shell is turned upside down or how they pick up a fight with each other until we noticed the grossest thing these creatures can ever do – one of them quickly went out of his shell to move to a bigger one.

“Kadddddddddiiiirrrrrrrriiiii!!!” (Yuck!) Dondon and I both screamed that earned turning of heads from some of the folks there. Hahaha!!!

Ok, we actually waited for that moment. I mean since only half of their bodies are exposed when they’re inside a shell, part of us were curious as to what their whole package really looks like. And when it was already happening right before our very eyes, we can’t help but cringe. I don’t know I can’t help but see a tarantula in them. Eeww!! They’re better off hiding in their shells! Hahaha!!

So I googled it yesterday and learned that they’re what they call hermit crabs in English. My bad, really sorry!! I'm such a moron! :P When I found a certain website about an enthusiast of these animals, I recalled a certain informative show featuring on some persons domesticating them and treating them as their very own pets!! I mean yeah it was quite fascinating observing them from that dirty can (see pic below hahaha!!) but I don’t think I’ll ever own one of those for a pet. :P Further clicks on the search engine also revealed that there are uploaded Youtube videos when one crab changes shell to another. Eeeeccckkk!!! Haha!! Well of course, it’s a natural process for them as they grow bigger but I think you seldom see them naked (w/o a shell that is) and that’s why it was captured. :P

And that was my learning last Sunday. Hahaha!!! Anyways, the other day we visited the Bolinao Marine Laboratory where they keep giant clams for study and here’s the biggest they’ve got held by Kuya Jeff below. There’s actually one the size of a basin but it was removed I’m not sure.

Then there’s the sea urchin - held by Dek:

Sea cucumber and my big pimple, aaaarrrggghhh!!!

Does anyone of you have a cat for a pet? Well, there's this Pusakal (street cat) who's been residing in our rooftop for sometime now and ever since Papa started setting aside food for him or her few weeks ago, he felt like he's part of the household already. Well, he stays in the 2nd floor since Choi Choi growls at the sight of him. Haha!!

One time, I looked at him and saw that look similar to Puss In Boots in Shrek and started calling him Muningning in that tiny voice and he responded by meow-ing and rubbing its head against my legs. Well, okay that was quite affectionate and I was ready to open my heart to love the animal.

He started following me when I walked towards the comfort room he started following me which was okay until I felt a sharp pain in my legs and saw it bleeding!! I don't know if it's a bite or the kneading of the paw but just to be sure I started nursing the wound and observed myself for any rabies infection. Thankfully, I didn't feel any abnormality up to this day. I mean, up to this point, you believe I'm sane right?? Haha!! BAD PUSSY!! At different times in our household, we've nurtured about 7 dogs and puppies already and none of them did this to me!!

And that's the reason why I will never have a cat for a pet again - and hermit crabs! No offense to lovers of these animals. :P

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Anonymous said...

6 guys in one day, and not one left your their phone number.. haha :D

I'd name the cat ceasar, because it's good to be king..