Monday, January 12, 2009

Tom Cruise..Yiheeeeee!!!!

Hahaha!! Is it obvious that I’m sooo excited on the upcoming cruise?? :P :P :P Last Friday night (Saturday early morning actually) I even watched “All My Life” that movie of Aga and Kristine where they were aboard Star Cruise just to check what’s happening around or get some dress inspirations. Hahaha!!! But ours is the Royal Caribbean although the destinations are pretty much the same lah. ;-)

I tried coming up with something yesterday but I was so tired with all the last minute preparations. Like yesterday I have to squeeze in some facial treatments and foot spa (no time for massage, ouch!!) and I keep on wondering why I always am the last minute traveler. Well if I really include shopping with the last minute preparations and what with the sales ongoing then there must be really no time for doing anything else. Wahaha!!

Wardrobe update: Nothing specific again. It’s a mixture of different styles, stockings, plaids, prints and formal wear. There’s gonna be a cocktail party on Friday!!! Aaaah just to be glamorous once again. Haha!! But there’s one thing I noticed everytime I come here in SG. There’s always a statement bag for every visit here.

Aug 07/ Mar 08/ Dec 08

While shopping the other day, I was already prepared to ditch that realization but then I stumbled upon this bag the other day. Reduced to 70%. Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!

So there goes another bag story for you. * sigh * And combine it with the Dorothy Perkins and Topshop sale, KC is back with her old tricks on promising that she will ONLY spend (no, make that SPLURGE) during travel. Tsk! Maybe it’s also the reason why I spend less on my destinations coz I don’t have anymore money left. Wahaha!!

Anyways, I’ve also another observation. I started this year with a local tour up north (Alaminos, Pangasinan) and then followed by the cruise. I heard from a movie that however you started your year, then that will be it for the whole year!! So does this mean what it means?? Hahaha!!! I hope it’s gonna be true!! :P :P :P

The happenings last weekend: Meet-up with Tytana at Centennial Airport.
Meet-up with Chek. She's also here!!!!! Yehey!!!

Shopping with her and Joy in Chinatown:
We didn't buy the dresses. Hahaha!! And pictures are not allowed. Wahaha!!! But we bought identical maxi dresses. :P So cheap, only 10 Sing.

Dinner in Chinatown, first time for Chek to try the hawker:
The New Year in Chinatown:

We're boarding later so I already updated you with these. I'm not sure if I will be able to update this while aboard the ship. So, for my last pic

Welcome to SG!!! Yihee!! Hahaha!!!

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