Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Royal Caribbean Cruise: Formal Dinner @ Romeo & Juliet Hall

Pardon the lack of stories. But that's what albums are for (I provided captions). Right?? I thought the formal dinner is worthy of a separate album that's why everything during the said event is posted HERE!! Check out my

1) different escorts (aka counterparts). Hahaha!!
2) my piece de resistance (aka my watch) and the whole ensemble. Oh, with my slightly curled hair coz my iron's out of kilter i decided to go for the wet look (aaargh!!) Hehehe!!
3) Rebecca & Donnovan of Brit's Got Talent. Amazing!! They're Guinness World Record Holders. Youtube them and be impressed!!
4) Food/ Dining hall and some parts of the ship - the others of which will be released in another album pretty soon. :)

Hmm, yeah. That's all for now. You know when I'll post next right?? ;-)

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