Monday, January 19, 2009

Back @ 5 AM: Cruise Summary

Oh dear. It’s been 3 days since I stepped off from the ship but I still can feel that shaky feeling everytime I move roughly. I can still recall the last time I was aboard a ship and although it was a stormy night sail to Manila from Aklan (where many passengers puked because of the ship’s movements), I felt normal after. Well, it was only a 12-hr sailing as compared to this 3d/4n cruise. Aaarrrgh!! When will this go away lah??

Dull. There was one realization that I forgot to include in my second to the last post. This is about, uhmm MEN. Hahaha!! :D During my last shopping before I left, I saw this Tonton Gutierrez look-alike when I was on the train going home. My oh my he’s so handsome. I even thought he was really Tonton, I tried to look around if there’s a camera and he’s shooting since he’s in a uniform. He’s not. Just one handsome man that I don’t get to see everyday. The feeling is heavenly, hahaha!! It’s like having a new crush all-over again. Been a long while I must say. :P Some guy offered to send me to the airport, another guy in SG offered to fetch me in Changi, (both of which I did not take, hahaha!!) the guy flight attendant is quite cute – all of these I believe were good vibes during the cruise you know. Oh and I also realized that Aga’s name in the movie is Samuel Gonzales - the exact name of the still record holder of “Most Handsome Man” for me. (I wonder how he’s doing now?? * dreamy eyes * Hahaha!!) Well it’s not like I expect meeting some handsome stranger during the cruise. Duh?! * rolls eyes * It’s just like I thought I will see more inspiration or something like a Samuel part 2 will happen to me. Hahaha!!! But I was wrong. I never thought that cruise are for uhmm, old age people. I dunno, it’s like 50% of the cruisers were men and women in fifties and beyond. Promise!! Maybe I should just stop interpreting some happenings in my life so that I’ll stop expecting. Tsk!

Sick. Did you know that I got sick during my first two nights in the ship?? Must be the cold wind on top of the ship where we usually stay. But then, even with fever I get to party. Hehehe. It’s just that most of my colleagues would hang around in the bar on the 11th deck and the only way for me to feel better is to sweat it off by uhmm grooving on the floor. Hahaha!!! Funny how at one time you're making a move and then all of a sudden you'll go wobbly because of the ship's course. Haha!!

Fat. Someone already told me that food is round the clock (buffet style) during the cruise. Ugh!! So I was not able to control my eating for this week. No work-out also thank you very much. Yay!! Hahaha!! I was ready for swimming but I can’t take the strong wind in the pool area and I didn’t wanna worsen my fever also. But I was able to do a 1-hr swimming during the last day.

Meetings. The cruise has 2 destinations: Port Kelang in MY and Phuket. Telco team did not disembark at Port Kelang because of our meetings. But it’s okay. I mean, work must come first. :P Wushu!! Hahaha!! Well, I enjoyed Phuket and I already posted the album HERE you might want to check it out. :P

Lucky Draw. I dunno what happened. I was already there in the top 5. All 41 of us have prizes and draw was made from the 41st. Of course prizes get bigger and bigger as it climbs up to the 1st spot. There were digital frames, Ipod touch, Armani watches, gift certs in Tangs/Robinsons/ Takashimaya in different values, travel packages, etcetera and I was wondering why I came fourth and my prize is a drum roll please, a coffee maker!! Well, it must be expensive since the prizes are arranged according to price of course but the 1st 3 prizes are all in cash amounts. In the interest of full disclosure the 1st prize being almost a thousand USD cash prize!! Tsk!! Too bad huh?? I love coffee but it’s an espresso maker. I like it with cream!!

Don’t get me wrong of course I enjoyed the cruise: the amenities and entertainment in the ship, meeting my counterparts finally from all over Asia and Australia, bonding with the Sagem people, dressing up (hahaha!!), Phuket, everything!! :) Will probably blog about everything soon.

It's currently 5:20 AM here in Manila, I'll just sleep a bit and back to work later. Missed everyone and everything here. ;-)

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