Friday, January 23, 2009

Intel - So Sad! :(

For those who are not yet in the know, it's in here.
Sad. :( Oh well.

How timely that the schedule of our reunion (Intel NEO Batch June '04) fell yesterday. Our Madam, Joanne, is here for a month-long vacation. :) Si Madam, pretty pa rin! :)

Me, Joanne,Daisy and Fely@ Cafe Bola Greenbelt 3

Well, it's not like this is already the whole batch. But this picture would've made complete as the CMO PEE Girls of our batch had someone just showed up.

I must say the seating arrangement was good. These two are getting married next year. WOOHOO!!

Mama Dais & Pele pele :P

And as for us, well pretty singles but who would've thought?? Hmm, that's more like it! Haha!! And I have no compuction whoring out Joanne to all of you. Hahaha!! Kidding! :P

Joanne & fatty KC..LOL!

It's always nice hearing from everyone back there from Mama Dais who's "for now" still there. *Sigh* But then again, nobody's really safe in this time of economic crisis. :(

We touched on some of the folks (very interesting was that of two sets of lovers who exchanged partners then both got married on the same date!!), products (Krofton/Little River and bells went cling-clang in my head :P) and status of the office back there in Cavite ( they provided videoke for entertainment - my goodness why didn't they put that when I was still there???? With the simple answer of course, I will just neglect work and sing all day long, wahaha!!). We still memorize our WWIDs (worldwide IDs) and Daisy's still injecting new foreign Intel jargons to us, (ILH, haha)!! No matter what, we're still proud we worked for Intel!!

Safe trip to Madam on your Tuesday flight back to SG. Thanks for the treat. :)


Wil said...

the girl beside you is cute :D

Nivek said...

Wow Joanne is pretty cute! I can't believe you and her are both still single.

I hear that RA is being closed too. I'm sure A5T5 will be ok since Intel can still get cheap labor in Pudong.

IT was told that they were either going to layoff people or forego raises this year. IT decided on no raises.

You never forget the acronyms. I'm introducing them to my new job.

kCNeSs said...

hi Wil!! is this the Wil I know?? Hahaha!! Yup, she is! :)

Hey Kev!! I know ur gonna react on this. I heard PG7 is closing too and they're going to focus on Vietnam and China I think. Almost all company I think will have no increase this year and I think it's better than losing your job right?? SO sad.. :(

Nivek said...

And stupid me wants to go back... Don't get me wrong because I like my new job but miss the sense of urgency of Intel.

Anonymous said...

deng, yup... i was logged on my gmail email.

Anonymous said...

hi Kev! oooh, its been months already and ur still not happy with ur work.. That's sooo sad:(

- KC