Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagaytay Highlands

Too bad it was already night time when we arrived. No more view at night let alone time to sneak around. I mean the scene is always and will always be captivating but cam's not good enough to perfectly capture it. Mental note to self: must really buy an SLR. Tsk!! Any donations from your babies couz Will? Haha!! :D So we only get to tour the country club and the sports center. :P Add up the fact that I'm the only first-timer in the group coz as y'all know that place only caters to members or residents of the area so special thanks to Cathy's friend Hans for the access. :D This is my only "good" shot that Saturday night.

pool area

My, my, my. It was freezing cold in that place!! And the very "smart" KC was wearing a tank top and a vest!! And please give credit to her by managing to bring a cover - a very, very , very thick scarf! (as can be seen below)!! Yes, she's very much informed as to where they're heading. Obviously, this is an absobloodylutely brilliant choice of her!!! WAHAHA!! :D

Charm, Geoff, Cathy and Me :)

So okay, I might have figured it out all wrong. Because I remember a cold December here (some 2 years ago methinks), I survived the cold even with a sleeveless top. Promise!! But really, thanks to my savior Cathy for bringing an extra jacket and sparing me from the fever or whatsoever sickness. :P

The gang's goin' for a different kind of trip. After dining @Antonio's Grill, I wanted to have another cup of coffee but they opted to have ice cream on a 14ÂșC temp. Of course, the only path to take was that of with less resistance. In fairness, I enjoyed my Banoffee Sundae.

After Fruits in Ice Cream, we headed to Cafe Breton and stopped by Leslie's to say goodbye to Cat's friends.

with Philip this time

Charm: Oh, isa pang shot. Isa pa. Walang jacket!! (One more shot. One more. W/o the jacket)

Cathy/KC: HA??? Then follows.

Charm: O wacky ha, wacky!!

Geoff: Hindi pa ba wacky to? Nagtatanggal tayo ng jacket ng malamig?? (Isn't this wacky enough?? Us removing jacket in this cold!!!)

LOL!! So here are the wackos having fun!! Haha!!

Talk about taking advantage of the cold weather - wearing my stockings a lot! And I'm training my pet to pose too! Hahaha!! :D

Don't complain on the cold shower in the morning. :D You'll miss it when the heat comes. Summer is fast-approaching! :)

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