Tuesday, December 09, 2008


How much do I love dancing now as compared to singing?? Actually I'm quite confused. I admit that our videoke's been very much maintained due to my thrice a week usage, hahaha!!! Now dancing in the gym before used to be only twice a week due to Body Jam, not until Cathy introduced me into this energetic class of Retro about two months ago. :P
I observed that it's the most-filled session for all the group exercises at night in the gym. Next is Body Jam I think. And the people who usually attend here are uhmm well, the oldies. :P I told myself that I will never ever join them even if they really look happy dancing to these songs like "Listen to Your Heart" (remember the tune??) and EWF's Let's Groove or Le Freak. How very 1980's. Haha!! But then Cathy "literally" dragged me one time and from there I understood why she's been pushing me to join the class for the longest time now.
Actually it's more of a challenge to myself. I mean, look at these mumsies and the way they dance to the upbeat music!! They're way way better than me. And we're not only talking about fugly mumsies here, they're all sexy mommas - donned in midriff tops and skintight pants!! Whew!! HOT!! Shame on me if in my age, I can't measure up to their "body" or "skills" in dancing specially the rhumba or any Latin dance at some point in my gym life. Haha!! So every Monday night is a challenge for KC. Hehe. It made me love dancing even more. :P

And tell me why wouldn't I love Retro?? Lately, they've just incorporated "Low" in one of the songs for exercises. Hahaha!! As in the apple bottom jeans thingy!! And I was expecting they will include it in Body Jam!! Wrong!! I was so happy I always look forward to it during class. The steps didn't fail my expectation either!! Imagine these hot mommas gyrating their waists when they get low, low, low, low, low, low, low. :P ZEXY!! Sorry, no room for osteoporosis here. :P I wish I can drag my own momma and tita into this class someday. Hehehe. Someday I will. :P

These donias of FF GH prepared something after class last Monday. And it was a feast of food!!

Too bad Cathy wasn't around. :( But the rest of the guys and folks that have become my friends in the gym were there. :)
With Brian. His beautiful beautiful mom sponsored most of the food. :P
The Friday club sans Geoff and Cat. But this one's with Doc who's all smiles. Hehe.

JT's family. Can you even tell in the pic who's his dad?? Haha!! He just looks like one of their siblings!! Handsome!! Haha!!

Lame shot. But atleast somehow you can see the regulars of Retro here and how sexy are they. :P

Cathy may not be there, but her presence was felt with her contributed Chocolate Fondue. Hahaha!!! Yummy!!! Thanks gurl!!! ÜÜÜ Miss yah!! :D

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