Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sing 3

Day 0: Date with Linc. I’m really grateful I obeyed Cathy’s suggestion for us to meet at Changi coz something horrible happened. :-{

Day 1: Official day. Met a new colleague/international friend Ade (from Indonesia). Training as usual. Then introduced to the whole staff of the company later on. Dinner: My first taste of Thai cuisine @ Thai Accent in Vivo City. Then became a tour guide at night since it’s Ade’s 1st time in SG.

Day 2: Swimming. :) Training. Dinner @ No Signboard Seafood again in Vivo City. I missed eating the famous Chili Crab. Yum!! ‘Twas my first taste of frog (aaack!!) and also the White Pepper Crab. Night: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Ade and I just chilled in the hotel then talked about what else but of course, relationships. Sheeessshh!!!

Day 3: Swimming. Hehe. Usual training and I must say it gets harder each day! Haha!! :D After which I slept @ Joy’s house in Sembawang. Missed her!! I also met Juliet's cute cute daughter Kalay and bonded with her. Haha!! :D

Day 4: Hands-on training. Yay!! Night: Ade and I wandered around Clarke Quay. Tour guide again, :P

Day 5: Last day. :( I wasn’t able to extend my flight. Joy even made plans for the weekend. But all SQ flights were already fully booked ‘til the holidays!! Lunchtime: we went to one of our clients M1 for their Charity Event. :) Then left the office around 3:30 PM to catch my flight back home.

The rest of the pictures are all available here.

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