Monday, December 08, 2008

Brand New Tita

Hmm I've been a Tita to a lot of cute children thru cousins before that I already lost count how many are they. :P The latest one is to 2-month old Danica Francesca here: (",)

Err, did someone just inflate this baby's mouth?? Hahaha!!! Look at her, she's a Chabelita. :P Bouncing like a ball. Hahaha!!! Soooooo cute. :D

But what I'd like to share more here is this baby: Aedan Miguel. :)

Things are a bit complicated between the mother and my older brother so the whole family haven't seen the baby for now. Sad. =,( Every so often, my mother would borrow my Tita's phone so as to have a glimpse of the baby in the desktop. :C She doesn't have a phone that's why. Hehe. Ssshh!!

Sigh. I'm longing to hold this baby, my very own nephew!!! I must find a way, by hook or by crook!! :P God help me!!

Now for more kwentos (stories):

Finally, I got to meet the two of them face to face. I welcomed the guy and asked him about his work (an ex-officemate in Intel) and even requested for a group photo of us. Over-all, my performance was a solid B I think.

Abed, Irene and Me

I don’t know why I had to review what happened. It’s just that I was entangled into this rumor in the church that I reportedly have a crush on the guy. The drama is something like that in the song Samson “I loved you first, I loved you first” since I first met the guy at work. Now the “issue” circulated for about half a year or more and I was so busy that I did nothing about it. I mean, I know the truth and I’m bound to believe that she knows I’m not that type. I thought that it would be better to just simply ignore it although I already knew what will happen: the girl and I will fall apart. Sundays have become civil days for both of us and we as much as possible avoided each other. :(

Believe me, I would’ve done the first move had I had the strength but it would mean being defensive on my part right?? So one Sunday about four months ago when the sermon was about making peace with brothers found in the words of Matt 5:23, 24, she approached me after and we talked about the whole incident. Whew, that was a relief!! As educated Christians, we both decided to let go of this incident and since we’re both victims of gossip here we promised that the next time the guy visits we’ll act as if nothing happened to put the issue to an end.

So that was us yesterday. I believe that they will soon be Mr. and Mrs. Castaneda next year and I could only wish nothing but the best for both of them. :)

Sigh. One of the very many issues that single girls encounter. Hehe. So here’s to happy Sundays and loving more Mango LBDs. Hehehe.


Nivek said...

Fitting to see this right around Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. :)