Monday, December 22, 2008

Once Upon A Mega

Mall, that is and not a star. Haha!! I WON!! I WON!! Kite kite (that's how I'd like to call Cathy here from now on, hehe Ü) and I hopped on to FF in Megamall to catch our favorite Body Jam instructor RA in one of his classes. He was doing a 2-hour marathon in that branch and the Greenhills girls felt like stepping in. Haha!! :D

During marathon, small prizes are given to best performers and I was bestowed with such an honor. Hahaha!!! This is us with RA and me holding my award. Haha!! The prize is something like a USB port extender that's like a mini-traffic light. Nice!! Hehe. Ü

Since it's a new branch, I was pretty much impressed with their facilities. The lockers are was it magnet-locked?? haha, I'm not sure how to call it and the equipments are high-tech since they have automatic counters. :P

Girlfriend and I did alsome some quick roaming around after the dance class. And this is what we found, haha!!

Sigh, after the dance it was time to face reality that I spent again for a Mango sale. Hahaha!! Glorious!!

Of course, you'll all see the splurge in the future. And I've got an upcoming funny post. Just waiting for the videos. Happy holidays!! :)

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Anonymous said...

happy holidays and safe new year!

stop spending your money on clothes, and start doing your laundry. :D