Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back from Oz/SG

Tytana it is!! Hahaha!! It's been almost a year!! I definitely missed this girl!! And what better way for us to bond together than to do one of our favorites: GOING TO THE GYM!!! Hahaha!! Like I told you before she's one gym enthusiast. Very religious in her morning sked before she left. And I became a member when she's already in Sydney so we didn't share precious time in the gym so much. Hahaha!!

Last Thursday, we didn't see ourselves in our work-out area because we were busy in each other's respective fortes. Wahaha!! She's the monster when it comes to RPM and Cycling and because there should be a corresponding title for myself, I'd like to think that I'm the animal when it comes to Dancing. Wahaha!!! Fair enough!! :P

After that, we headed to Krispy Kreme (where there is free wi-fi, hahaha!!) and proceeded to do our things. So ladies and gents, here are the Jobhunter and the Freelancer. :P I'm so fat now. :(

with our Blueberry Cheesecake and Snowman Doughnuts..haha!! :P

She was busy looking for a job in Melbourne and of course me with my work. Hehe. But she found this one dream job and promised me that if she scored this, she'll treat me to a back and forth trip to Oz!! That's how she usually is especially when making bets, nothing's changed. So I'm asking - no make that summoning, haha!! - all the forces in the world for her to land that job. Please, please!! Haha!!

Of course there were so many stories to share but time is limited so she just shared to me the story about what else but another one of our faves, BOYS!!! Hahaha!! Although I was pretty much updated coz we regularly talk in the chat, it was just sad hearing how things turned out with her "first love". I'm still not ditching my theory that it's just a matter of who comes first!! I mean if one of my single ladies finally, finally found the one then the rest will follow. Or I'm thinking I should be the one first since I'm the one connecting all of them - Cathy, Lisa, Joy P., Joy R., Tytana. Hmmmm, talk about pressure!! Hahaha!!

For now we'll enjoy first. And we're sooo welcoming next year with that big "S" in our status. Hehe. :P

Back from SG

Joy it is. :P And this was last Sunday. Our bonding consisted of doing our religious thing. We're also experts at multi-tasking since while listening to the preach we we're also fending for our babies. Hehehe!! Look at how they've grown up so fast!! They're not babies anymore - Butchik and Bur Bur. *sigh*

Joy, Bur, Me and Butchik

She's still the expert when it comes to determining the children's needs and understanding their behavior. She'll be a really good Mom. :) We didn't have so much time together since she was busy talking with friends and acquaintances as well. So pretty much of the whole Sunday, I was left with the two. Haha!! And one of the things I found to entertain them with - my phone. Hahaha!!

Yaya - you're such a LOOOOOOOOSER!!! Hahaha. Sigh, whatever's being taught to kids nowadays?!?! Haha!!

Sigh, so limited time with these two girls. Hope to make the most of their stay here. :)

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