Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DP, TS and WH

Uh-oh. Somebody has got a tough competitor when it comes to formal dresses. Mango, beware!! Haha!! Atleast for my taste only. :P Warehouse recently opened a branch in Galleria and I just can't help but be amazed and elated at the wonderful dresses there. I observed that most of their dresses are targeted for corporate functions and I'm just so glad that unlike Mango they're not focused on black!!

For weeks I've been hankering for the dresses and last Friday, an occasion called for some new formal attire. Took all five of the styles I've been longing to wear and went straight to the fitting room.

What the @!*&?? None of them would fit me!! I know my body well and I didn't just pick the dress' sizes by my standard size in their sister company Topshop. But I guess I miscalculated it this time. All of them are too tight on the bottom. It's frustrating coz one nice feature of their dresses is that they're cut to emphasize the curves. So when I tried changing sizes to bigger ones (a 10 or 12), the lovelies wouldn't flatter my shape anymore.

Sad, sad. =( I may have gotten fat (what with this new home-based job) but I know something's wrong with their sizes when I tried fitting some styles in another one of their sister shops, Dorothy Perkins. :P An 8 or 10 or 12 just wouldn't do. Na ah!! Take for example the dress below, it fits well in the bottom but it's kinda loose on the shoulder part. :P

So why did I buy it?? Because I'm an addict!! Hahaha!!! :D

Well unlike Mango, I could've sworn that I see a curve (a bend an arch or whatever you would like to call it, hahaha!!) each time I fit even their simplest black dress. :P So I think I'll still stick to my first love. Haha!! It's such a shame they don't have inspiring dresses lately. :P But for these 3 sister shops, don't worry I'll keep on trying. Hahaha!!

I know you're going to hate this Rai-yan but it looks like another style ending is coming. Hehe. Nothing special but I just would like to declare this coat as my best buy of the year. Hahaha!! 50 off the price and with so many styles to play with, brill!! Come to think of it, I was once almost on the verge of getting sick of it but I was wrong. Especially with new accessories to pair up her way. Hehehe.

Well, you've met that bag before in my Sing 3 album right?? Hehe. I love that most of my girlfriends are eagerly eye-ing it!! :P Well, me too once until I saw it discounted in the shop. Haha!! But if it's not too much, I'd like to talk about the shoes. Haha!! Another yellow!! Aargh!! But it's ok lah!! I got it again discounted in PrP for I don't know how much but it's definitely cheap. And I like that hole in its wedged heels.

So much for fashion faux pas. :P


Anonymous said...

stop spending your money on clothes, and spend it on something important..
aka me.


PS, I've just redecorated again.. :( help me.. i can't stop spending.

Anonymous said...

something important?? haha!!! i think u should say this to urself!! you should've just spent those on a flight back here.. :P

- KC

Anonymous said...

err I mean't someone important. Believe me, it would have been a lot cheaper if I had done that..