Thursday, December 25, 2008

Maxi Girls

Again, unplanned. It's Me and Besty last Sunday. :)

I love the floral print of my dress!! Duh, like what else?? Haha!! But I'm kinda 50-50 on the bottom part since it's a bit short for my height and uhmm the bottom part that looks like a table cover..hehehe!! But I love the flowiness of it and yes I love it!! Hehe. I intend to wear it in the cruise! ;-)

I only took Tuesday off from their house in Laguna, my second home. Last Sunday, a gathering was held in Ate Sally's house (mom of Butchik) with lotsa foods, there's turkey and my favorite quesadillas!! The ladies absobloodylutely had fun, fun, fun in the videoke as can be seen in the video below, haha!! A few notes though: (1) I wasn't drunk in this video. (2) I only did this for fun and there's no way will be doing with men around, haha!! Gosh, a lot of people subscribed to my videos because of my Princess Hours created movies and I don't know how they're gonna react when they see this!! Haha!!

Sad, this is supposed to be a 2-minute video but something's wrong with the original file I had to concatenate it. :( The real fun starts after the ending of the above video, tsk!! I'm still working on it, haha!! More pics for you:

Wednesday night, a farewell party was also held for her since she will be departing the next day 25th. :( This is in their house's veranda, videoke 'til 1 AM:

with my Laguna boys :P

Well, unlike last year where I wrote a whole dramatic post of how I wasn't even able to send her to the airport (hehe),

Luvya girl!! See you on the 10th! :) Can't wait. :P

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