Sunday, December 28, 2008

SNS' TMIs/ Best Wishes to Mr & Mrs Camaclang

SNS. It doesn’t take a genius what Social Networking Sites means. I’ll just cite examples: Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, etc..

TMI. Too Much Information. Period.

I’ve seen a lot of celebrity blogs citing in their websites that they don’t own these kind of accounts but only their personal journals. Well, I’m not a celebrity but I do have those three accounts aside from my Blogspot. So what’s my point?? Nothing. Hahaha!! Oh boy, just from this intro you’ll see that this post is up to nothing, hehehe.

Well, no doubt that the biggest advantage of these is getting updates from long lost friends. Brill, isn’t it?? Admittedly, I hardly click on to these (talking about my Friendster) because my goodness I have more than 500 persons in my list!! So it’s also a blessing that they came up with these so-called “updates”. And most of the time, I come across acquaintances (college classmates, org-mates, previous officemates) with changed profile pictures depicting two people: the girl dressed in white and the guy in a formal wear.

The natural tendency is of course to click on the profile which will confirm your initial hypothesis (Coz of course what else will the picture mean?? Duh??) and for me to have that initial cute reaction upon seeing their smiling faces: “Awwww, finally!! They’re my favorite college couple. At long last they got married!” At times, I will click on the Add Comment and send them my best wishes.

But shortly after that, reality steps in. A different reaction will ensue and this time not the KC being cute like “Aww, I’m so happy for them blah blah blah” but rather the stone-cold reality that “My god, I’m so L.B.!!! Blast this broadband world!!!” (With L standing for the opposite of right and B standing for the opposite of infront!) Hahaha!! The same reaction can be said when after checking the profile of this guy who after admitting that he likes you, will tell you that he has to get back to his ex-girlfriend for unknown reasons (now isn’t that the perfect case of “Bomalabs”?) and learning that in one of his profile pics hugging a dog, your name’s in it: Me and KC. WOW!! Round of applause!! Haha!! Classic!! In all fairness, the puppy is cute - a Shih Tzu (which reminds me of my departed Barbie) and I’ll slightly forgive him for that!! Haha!!

After four paragraphs, I realized that the abovementioned examples are not the TMIs I’m talking about. But rather these, haha!!

I’m not a fan of Facebook (sorry for those who are)!! Specially their too many applications! I mean, if someone likes me or sent me a kiss, then why do I have to add that same application before I see that someone?? I just simply don’t get it. Sorry!! I don’t even know how the requests boomed to that number, it’s crazy!! It’s like I get bombarded with different requests each day!!

Next, Friendster. It used to be doing fine until they followed Facebook with their applications. I don’t like that they have to always put these “New” somethings in my profile. These are not needed info (Horoscopes, Bulletins, Applications, Duh???). And pwede ba if someone puts a comment in one of my photos, can you please indicate in the email in what picture?? I have more than 10 albums in my account and about a hundred plus photos all in all!!! Stupid!! Phhhbbbtt!!! X-D

Lastly, Multiply!! In this site, you get updates by clicking Inbox and my only complaint here is what they call flooding unnecessary information specially those who use it for business purposes. I mean, do they really have to post for everybody to see that someone’s payment has been received or that the shipment to one of their contacts has been done?!?! Mind you, it’s being broadcast!! Well I know I don’t really have to whine coz the simplest solution is to remove the said biz contact which I will do when I have the time. I think the simple lesson here is be considerate on broadcasting especially when all your activities are being displayed in other people’s Inbox! :P

I’d like to have a happy ending!! This is not a case of TMI since real friends find a way of updating you on special occasions of their lives!! IT'S MARK AND XIELA’S WEDDING!!! WOOHOO!!!

Last September when Mark came here for a short visit from SG, I was the only one from our group (Shiela’s college friends) who made it in their house @ Cavite because I had this hunch that there’s going to be some pop-up question/ marriage proposal that’s gonna happen whilst dinner and I certainly didn’t wanna miss the event. To my disappointment, nothing happened. Haha!! And since the place is quite far from where I live, the couple advised me to stay for the night. I ended up being the third wheel with me sleeping in Mark’s bed while the two of them in a makeshift bed on the floor. Yay!! Haha!! I wasn’t able to blog about this coz until now, UNTIL NOW, I’m waiting for the pictures from Markus. That night was actually a photosession night, since two photography addicts Mark and Markus displayed their sumptuous cameras and took pictures. Anyway, back to the wedding. I don't know how all of a sudden they got engaged with Xiela texting me last week about this private event. :P P.S. Xiela's not knocked up. :P Hehe. A church wedding is planned after two years. :)

Thanks to Multiply I was able to watch the short clip of their civil wedding!! Hilarious!! Haha!! Click it here.


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