Friday, November 07, 2008

Sagada Prologue

Truth be told, I wasn’t looking much forward to this trip. That Thursday night, I was packing up my things and was looking at the itinerary thinking I could be in a lot of places less far-flung in that 3 days and 2 nights time frame. I was about 3 minutes away from ditching the whole idea - debating to myself whether it would be downright negligent to even bring up the thought of canceling to Lisa without a conceivable, imaginable and acceptable excuse. :P Then I realized that it’s been a long time since I saw her and that this would be a perfect time to touch base with her. (Awww, drama. Haha!!!)

Then at long last I finished my wardrobe rehearsal and got quite excited that the pictures will be better because of the presence of my college friend Bong. You’ve got to listen to me when I tell you; he’s the guy to be with in all the scenic places – over or under water!! Haha!! His SLRs were undoubtedly a hundred grand well spent!! For someone like me who mostly appreciates being the one in the photo or with view, it was almost too weird to comprehend. Hey!! For as long as the pictures look good with me in it right?? Hahaha!!!

Fast forward to Friday night inside the van with Bong and his officemates, you will see the rise of KC the “Nega Star”. Hahaha!!! Okay, first of all let me point out that when Bong said they're a company of nine I didn’t expect that the others would be a quadruple of couples. Yay!! The three of us struggling “singles” were left seated beside each other. Tsk!!

Bong, Lissy and Me

Nonetheless, Lisa and I continued discussing about the dating status of someone and how she’s being negative about it (hey, sounds familiar!! Haha!!) as we subsist on my comfort food ChocNut, Pringles and distilled water. Haha!! Come to think of it, the ChocNut had been a big debate during my grocery whether to include it or not since gym was once again waived that Friday. The ride up North seemed interminable and after some time, the Friday work took its toll on everybody as they started resting but not for me. It seemed like I was doing an extension of my work by doing hand-over tests (ECEs can relate ^^) for one network provider as I stayed on the phone with someone while passing along the Northern provinces. Name it we passed through it: Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya and ooopps!! Said network provider has relatively zero coverage on that last province. Hahaha!! :P

stop-over (Nueva Vizcaya)

Later it was time for me to take a short nap and by the time I was awaken, I was already beholding the beautiful beautiful sight of the mountains surrounding the Banaue Rice Terraces.

No doubt why it was previously one of the world’s wonder. It was such a refreshing and relaxing sight. The almost 12-hour drive was truly worth it. :)


Nivek said...

You look so cute in this photo.

kCNeSs said...

thanks Kevin!! :)