Sunday, November 09, 2008

Madagascar 2

Cathy whispers to KC: Bat ganun? Parang tayo lang ang tumatawa?? ( Did you notice?? We're the only ones laughing)

KC: Oo nga eh. (Yeah)

A little later,

JT to Cathy: Bat ka tawa ng tawa? (Why do you keep on laughing??)

Cathy: Eh natatawa ako kay KC eh.. (I'm laughing at KC.)

So okay, I was already exaggerating a bit but I can't help it. Most of the audience were unappreciative or is it because I became deaf to their laughters due to the loudness of my own. Haha!! I wasn't able to watch the part 1 but I love that Alex the Lion has those mannerisms that are so peculiar to Ben Stiller. Hehe.

It's the same FF friends with Joy this time and we watched after gym. ^^ And all the calories burned were put to waste when we headed to Krispy Kreme after for a short vacay planning. Or atleast for me coz I chowed down 2 and a half donuts. Yum!! :D

So to blogspot reader Mike and Carl who "commented" that I'm becoming "quite skinny", good news coz I've been eating a lot lately!! Less cardio on gym also. ^^ I guess this just attests that men really don't like skinny girls. They like them uhmm in Tagalog we call it "malaman". Laman is meat in English. So how do I say it in English then?? Men like meaty girls?? Ahaaha!! I'm lost for words. :D

Anyways, even if I get big as huge as Gloria the Hippo (not necessarily wishing ^^) in the movie, I wish to find a Melman the Giraffe who will still love me despite the differences. Yay!! And that's my take away from the movie. Bow!! Wahaha!!! :D

Now if I may add this. It was a Friday and Fridays are dress-down in the office. I dug up my studded shoes from Janylyn I bought so long ago the leopard shoes have been worn many times than this and wore it like shown below.

JT to KC: Oh, Emba ulit?? (Goin to Emba again? )

KC: Whatever!!

I folded up my skinny to show them off. Not necessarily "in" but I hope I gave justice to it. ^^

Anyways, I really like the studs of it. I'd like to call it ferosh!! :P I saw it worn by one of the celebrity in a shampoo TVC after I got it on sale. ^^

Anyways I hope I can bring it someday to some happening places. I swear they're sooo comfy I can dance all night with them. ^^

So, have you seen the movie yet?


Anonymous said...

We say meat on thje bones too - well at least I do :)

By the way, looking quite hot :P

Too bad your not in Cali - hot, literate, and a cool personality. What else can a guy ask for?

Nivek said...

Oh that was me!


Anonymous said...

i prefer junk on the trunk..

hot, LITERATE?, cool personality..

hmm.. literacy is a requirement? that's some high standards you got there.. Or maybe I just don't have any.. hehe


Anonymous said...

again and again..thanks Kevin!! :)


Err, Wil, Kevin's talking about me..not bout my standards..hehehe...

- KC

Nivek said...

So just how low are your standards KC?

kCNeSs said...

tough question..haha!! :P