Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Make Up Post

Che-che-check my soul sistah Cheksy (Chek Sexy) on the cover of FHM this month. Uhh, someone's gonna be so happy about this. I bet he's gonna rush to the nearest store and grab his own copy. So this one's for ya blogspot reader Mark. ^^

she's the one covering the letter F

This girl according to Summit Inc. editor Allan is one of the most requested cover girl for this mag but she's been refusing to do a solo flight. A body like that should already have propelled her to the stratosphere of confidence!!! But she's one of the most timid girls I know - turning down lead TVCs and other stuffs. I consider it modesty on her part. Gosh, if only I have that gift!! That physique!! Hmm, perhaps I wouldn't do it either. Hahaha!!!


- > Well guess what?? My blog viewers are increasing. But one of them isn't welcome. Sorry but he's using this blog to gather evidences from his girlfriend. You know who you are. My god!! Can't you trust your girlfriend??? She's already one "behave" girl. Actually, you're never gonna find anyone else who can stand you and your godforsaken rules!! Grow up man!! Have you ever FOR ONCE considered her H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S for the 8 long years that you've been together?? Coz I'm telling you she's living a MISERABLE life with you!! And yes, she can do so much better!!

Whew!! My fine lines are increasing in there. Haha!! Let's proceed to the RAVES!!

-> I just had dinner with my soon-to-be immediate managers this evening and I just can't help but be OVERJOYED with all the plans for me. Apart from all trainings, I'm really looking forward to the strategic planning happening early next year which will be happening on a cruise ship passing along some SEA countries. Nice isn't it? ;-) I'm really thankful to the One above for this opportunity. I guess I must have been really good in my past life for deserving this. ;) And yes, I'm sad that I haven't tendered my resignation letter yet to the HR but some are already treating me as.....................ah!! Don't wanna dwell on it!

-> Party at Emba pictures already available HERE. Check it out! :)

Now I really must start writing on my Sagada Adventure.


Lissy said...

Oh, ang fine lines!!! Hehehe... just think of yourself cruisin' along Asia para wag na sumakit ang bangs! Hahaha! =)

Anonymous said...

someone is reading your blog to make sure their gf is not cheating on them? lol...
90% of your blog is pics of you, so he might not find much evidence.. hehe..

tell him to use frienster, or facebook to stalk his gf..


PS photoshoot postponed till next week. Will make sure they're naked :D

kCNeSs said...

Lisa haha!!


yah!! that guy's one detective..he just found out about my blog by using google search!! imagine!!! i hate him with all my heart!! hahaha!!

both of them dont have these networking sites accounts..

have u posted that funny pic in ur site yet??

Anonymous said...

i can google your name? even i'm not that popular lol.

deng, not yet.. i bought a printer with a scanner 2 weeks ago, and I can't get it to work.. I'm about to throw this POS in the garbage.