Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cosmo Bachelor Bash!!

Still dolled up from our company's night affair (will blog soon), Joy and I went to the Cosmo Bachelor Bash at A venue in Makati. Joy was at first hesitant, but I told her "Sayang ang damit!" Hehehe.
Like I told you Lem was one of the bachelors in the show. He was part of the Guess segment. Since we arrived just in time, we were positioned on the outskirts of the VIP area. The pictures I took of him aren't that good. But then of course, the supportive girlfriend Chek was there infront. We simply couldn't join her coz the place was of course jampacked with girls and gays alike - what else would I expect?? Hahaha!!!

Even if I'm totally knackered from the Samsung's Amazing Race in the morning (8 AM call time Manila Pen!!!), I was still able to give a good shriek during my brother's catwalk and that of the centerfolds': Billy Joe Crawford, Akihiro Sato (my oh my!!) and Bruce Quebral!!

I would very much love to attend Akihiro's post party in Greenbelt but Chek preferred some intimate dinner at Pier One. Joy had to duck out early though, too bad!!

With Allan, one of the editors from Summit Inc. Thanks for the VIP Pass Mare!! :P

After the picture-taking, I said "Yun o, mafe-feature na yan sa Cosmo. Haha!" How I wish!!LOL!!

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