Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OT is not just Overtime :P

Overwhelming!! As everybody wished, yeah the single girl received lotsa loving on her day last Monday!! ÜÜÜ The morning was busy with lots of phone calls (boys!! haha!!) and international texts, approving Friendster comments and reading greeting messages. Somebody surprisingly showed up during lunchtime and the dinner was spent with the group for a farewell dinner for Brian (this time charged on the boss, hehe).

Bday suit!! In a mannequin-like pose!! LOL!!

Devouring my favorite Sam Gip Sal. Aaah, I can live in Korea!!! The southern one of course, haha!!

Of course, I can guzzle up that bloody Soju. 3 bottles!!! Ahaha!! J/K. ^^

The group pic in Minato: Look who's full!!! It's definitely Sir Rommel. Sir Jay's paunch is but natural. Hahaha!!!

Toxic!! Oh wow. I've been working in the office til night for 2 days now. The rain adding up to the cause of extending in the office. If you've seen my calendar last week, y'all know what's the cause of these extra work. Today we just did a dry run of the "Amazing Race" event driving over the Metro to check the different pit stops. It was energy-draining. Aaargh!!! Good luck to me on Thursday!! Haha!!

I should be posting about something else for today but my brain is literally blank for now and I'm thankful that the pictures serve as a good substitute. Proof: look at the title of this post. Haha!!! I don't even know what's up with the letters on the subjects lately. Hehe. But this one is definitely lame!! Hehe. More news as and when!! ^^

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