Friday, June 13, 2008

To Be With Their Family

This week saw the departure of my second parents: Tito Boy/Tita Vener and Tito Bet/Tita Millet. They’re not really my uncles and aunts but both parents treat me as if their own daughter.

Last Monday, Tito Bet and Tita Vener (Joy’s uncle and aunt) left for US to be with their daughter who’s already based there. More than being sad, I’m happy for them that their family is going to be complete specially that Tita Vener’s visa was finally approved – after SEVEN tries!! Pic at the airport 4 AM.

This morning on the other hand was the flight of Tito Bet and Tita Millet (Joy’s parents) leaving for Singapore. Yes I’m going to miss them as well but I’m so happy for Joy coz I know how much she misses them. :D Pic at the airport 5 AM.

They might be gone for a long time to recuperate and I’m surely going to miss them. *sigh* But more than that I wish for speedy recovery of Tito Boy (cancer) and Tita Millet (glaucoma). :(

So I’m really sleepy these days at work, hahaha. Funny how this morning I get to tell a friend about them and let me share this story with you as well, haha!! I just realized how they could not treat me as a daughter when in fact; both of them want me for their respective sons. Hahaha!!! I remember this scene one time when we were in Quezon and I got to meet most of their clan. It was an afternoon siesta in the terrace and Tita Vener was ranting to the folks there about this girl that she soooo doesn’t want for her son while Joy and I were just chatting up.

Tita Vener: Blah blah blah…Hindi ba nila alam na c ****** ay para lang kay KC?!?!
Tito Bet almost spewed his coffee on the table.

Gosh, it was really flattering to know that some parents want you for their son. Haha!! Specially that they are the fastidious types. Oh well, I really shouldn’t be that much worried on being an old maid after all. Hahaha. Joke! :P

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