Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The New Face of Master Eskinol

Overexposed – and he doesn’t like it. Assshuu, if I know he’s loving it. Haha!! I’m talking about my brother’s newest TVC that’s being aired, a facial cleanser for men – Master Eskinol. As you all know, I just blogged last week on his Voice Combo Sandwich here. Well, he need not explain to me the reason for not liking it. Two lead TVCs at a time turns him into a radioactive. It’s the same one as being stereotyped as this and that talent in this TVC (i.e. the ever popular Lumen of Surf detergent). See, sometimes popularity has its disadvantages too. Oh, had I not learned of it before?? Wahaha. Just kidding. Ű

One word – SWEET!! I’m talking ‘bout the quick peck on the lips in the end, haha!! Oops, peace Chek!! Btw, nice TV ad for that creamer. Ű He told me about her partner in that TVC – the Brazilian model that’s gracing a lot of commercials already, Fernanda. With that face and BODY – I couldn’t believe she’s just 18 years old!! Whoa!!

Actually, I’ve seen that TVC about a week ago already and refused to blog it here coz I always catch it being aired in the rival station. So yeah sometimes I have to put up with their shows if I want to see that commercial break. Uuugh!! The fact that his Friendster comments only involve a few who noticed the TVC only means that ABS-CBN is still the best station. Yeba!! Harharhar!!

At times whenever I catch the said two commercials aired back to back on the bus I’m taking on my way home, I couldn’t help my chest puff out with pride. That’s my brother!! I almost want to speak to my seatmate and say “Kapatid ko yan!!”

Yep, he makes me proud. He makes the whole family proud. Sometimes, I just really love my brother. ŰŰŰ

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jetsetter said...

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