Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mythical Soul Gallery

As promised, I'm coming back with the highlights of the Samsung Soul launch entitled Mythical Soul. Before I proceed with with the pre-event contemplations, allow me to give you the features of the launch first. ;)

1. The phone. As the technical person, I feel responsible to give you some of the phone's features:
- 5 MP phone with AF and VGA camera & Power LED Flash
- Magical Touch by DACP
- Ice Power Technology by Bang & Olufsen
- FM Radio and MP3 player
- HSDPA phone with Full HTML browser
- Bluetooth and USB connectivity
- Document viewer
- Mobile tracker

2. The backdrop. The first thing you'll see upon entrance. So Roman-ish. Is it Doric, Ionic or Corinthian?? Hehe. I forgot already. :P Now who wouldn't want to post before it?

3. The hall. Filled with silver and white decorations. So elegant!!

4. The host. Come on tell me who else would perfectly fit the role?? But of course it's none other than the socialite butterfly herself: Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdez!! Too bad, I wasn't able to have a pic with her. :(

5. Guests. Oh my gosh, she's so fit to be invited. Such a goddess, looking young and dewy Ms Dawn Zulueta. Would you believe she's already in her early forties?? Coz I swear she doesn't look a touch over forty. Maybe I should start taking her endorsed product, Myra 300 e. Wahaha!!

I don't know bout the other two but I looked like the one who's aged forty-something in here. Wahaha!!

6. The PMAP ramp. I'm supposed to partake in here but you know, it's a company violation - moonlighting, hehe - so I left it to my co-models. Hahaha!! I kid, I kid. :D

7. The goody bag. For the previous events, we were lucky to receive give-aways such as a Bulgari set of toiletries, Samsonite duffles and suitcases, Lancome goodies (my current favorite scent Hypnose) but for events like this, Samsung takes it to a higher level. The company generously gave away the Samsung Soul itself. Lucky guests!! Of course, us employees are not included this time but 's ok coz I'm already happy with what I took home, my magical wand!! Haha!! This is such an ingenious idea. Just a metallic rod and four-mini bulbs attached in the end but the guests loved it!! As in!! Some even asked to take home more than one. :D We're talking 'bout socialites here alright?? Hehe. Mine is such a very special use what with the frequent power outage these days. (Geese, what's up with that Meralco, transmission loss, Judy Ann Santos, hellur?!?!)

the phone give-away demo'd by one yummy model, wahaha!!

Hmm, what else?? There's the magic skills demonstration by Eric Bana, the food which I blogged about last time, the serenading of Mr. Richard Poon and oh, the dramz. Haha!! Stay tuned for that. Anyways, more camera whoring here. Click, click. ;)


Anonymous said...

the chick 2nd to the left is pretty cute. 6th pic. :D


Nivek said...

When is the Soul coming to the US? Maybe it is time to upgrade my Blast (SGH-T729). Maybe I'll have to go for the 3g iPhone instead?

Anonymous said...

Wil, u mean my officemates? that's the 5 th pic..if the 6th it's the professional models..i dont know them all..
- KC

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin!! I'm not really sure bout Soul in the US but uhmm, you can find Samsung phones that will support your need..just don't support Apple!! Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

uh the 6th pic. the one with 4 people posing including yourself

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oops, sorry..yeah the's Agnes, one of the marketing assistant..yeah she's pretty..yihee!!