Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Love is Scentless

Some say love is blind; others say love is like wildflowers. And since I can’t come up with my own quote yet (^_^), I would have to agree with the Bible that love is the perfect bond of union. But for this friend of my mine, LOVE IS SCENTLESS!!!

Oh my god Tytana!! You’re such a genius for coming up with that. Just bloody brilliant!! Hahaha!!!

How did she come up with that?? Hmm. Apparently, she has this classmate with uhmm, let’s just say “hygiene issues”. Something that won’t allow you to use the bathroom after she used it coz the smell sticks to the walls probably even seeping right to the very spaces between the tiles where mold and mildews reside. There was this time when this classmate of hers burped beside her and she swore up and down to me that she almost passed out. Ganung level, as she says it!

So I can just imagine how the poor dear felt when she learned that this girl is announcing her engagement – she being an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth)!! ^^ I mean, here we are always looking and smelling good, not avoided by people and..and ok I’d rather not state the obvious. To be honest gurl, I don’t know how to make you feel better. But we’re all in this together, haha!! Let me laugh this out with you!! LOL. If you look at it in the positive side, well atleast you’re not the Reyna ng Sablay that is very much yours truly. While we’re still at the never ending singlehood debacle, allow me to share some snippets of my life lately.

It’s true when they say that being alone gives you time to think about yourself, realize some things blah blah blah. It has got me hashing and rehashing the reasons why I should just be happily contented being single and all.

Take for example my musings lately whenever I take my daily routine of commuting home. Recently, I’ve been going home late due to the gym. I know it’s unsafe for a girl like me traveling alone – believe me, I still find it a sinister and intimidating concept. But gym has been very addicting lately. Imagine, men of burning flesh passing you by, co-gymnasts (hehe) who look initially intimidating but unexpectedly friendly and the dancing!! The music’s pimpin’ enough that I can just turn off the lights to give you that Emba feel..hehe. Anyways, I’m really learning a lot. For example, I’ve learned to brave and strong enough without depending on someone. What else?? Uhmmm. Aha!! I learned that that street where I used to drop off from the bus to hail a taxi is a big NO-NO!! Gosh, that street is a school zone and I’m 100% sure that it’s not Ermita or Kalayaan but it has been different nights already that different private vehicles stop by from afar after you saw the driver give you that not-so-subtle head to toe onceover. My goodness!! A quick inspection of myself reveals that yes, I’m in my most decent corporate attire. As far as I remember I don’t have anything on my face anymore coz I refuse to do a retouch after the quick shower to save some time. At that point, I force myself to believe that it was a good decision to turn down an officemate to take you home coz really what’s the point of giving him false hopes right?? But the very important lesson is that God hears prayers. Whenever situation like this happens, it’s almost seems like a miracle that a taxi will be shortly available after you utter a silent plea. Once safe, I reassure myself that this will all be for the benefit of my family. You know, I can devote more of my time to them and to their needs. I can still remember how panicked they were the time I had a bf when I was in my junior years in college, sat me down for a serious talk and only when they heard about my grades were they able to relax – a bit. Certainly, this would be for everybody’s benefit. But I was due for a zinger!

When I reached home I found my Mam and my Tita (old maid Tita Precy) talking about an acquaintance of ours (someone of my age) and her bf. I was munching on my green peas and at the same time caressing my dog Choi Choi when all of a sudden I was hit with the question, “Dang, wala ka bang boyfriend?” Oh em gee, what is this??

“Wala!” I replied indifferently, hoping they would drop the topic.

“Bakit? Maganda ka naman ah!” Mam said. First jolt. I have a whole teenage angst against my Mam for not hearing these words when i was young. Anyway, more details in the future.

“Eh wala eh.” I replied. How do I exactly explain to her that I just had 3 different mishaps with men lately – recently and consecutively – not to mention within a very short span of 2 months??

She then asked what happened to my ex. I promptly gave her an update that he’s got a son now. Then the final gauntlet,

“Syempre, gusto naming mag-asawa kayo!” And she goes on recommending some guys she think will be good for me. Uh-oh!! I can very well feel what Will (a pseudo-cousin, haha!) feels whenever his folks are pressuring him to have kids. I remember giving him the advice of buying a parrot that can record his response so the bird will just answer their repetitive questions. Hahaha!! I might consider doing this for myself, haha!!

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you When you think everything's okay and everything's going right And life has a funny way of helping you out when You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up in your face.

Yeah, Isn’t it ironic?


Nivek said...

KC, I have the perfect plan for you to feel safe coming home from the gym. Just ask your hygiene friend her secret scent and the robbers, rapists, or whatever won't be able to stand getting near you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!very effective Kevin!! but i don't think i'm going to do that..haha!!