Friday, June 06, 2008

Samsung Soul Launch

One magical evening for one special phone: Samsung Soul. Or for technical people like me, the SGH-U900. This will be just a quick recount of "my" happenings last night. What I truly appreciate on our events like these are their brilliant concepts!! If you happened to watch the Soul's TV commercial then you'll probably have an idea on the concept, but if not then let the photo below clue you in: Ű

i look fat here but I think I'll make a nice fairy, ayt??Ű

Aylaveet!! It's one big dream of mine to dress up like a fairy. Weee!!! The Rigodon Ballroom of the Peninsula Manila was transformed into one huge fairyland!! Enchanting!! Ű Pictures will be featured in my second installment of this event as Kuya Manny's (official photog) aren't available yet. I'm just really excited to tell you and at the same time still thrilled that I met Richard Poon (is it safe to say he's our local Michael Buble?). He's cute!!! I love him na. Hahaha!!

we're perfect..hahaha!!!

I also met a goddess, Dawn Zulueta. Omigosh, wait for the pics on Tuesday ayt?? Let me blog temporarily for now about the glorious food served for the event. And let's just forget their long French culinary names and everything alright?? Hehe.
The appetizer:

Fish or beef?? Definitely fish. Haha!!

And this is one ultimate proof of how Samsung lavishly spends for events like this. Take a good look at the plate!! Sprayed with Samsung Logo!! This is craziness!! The dishwashers are going to hate us for this, hahaha!!

Praline ice cream, yummy!! Fattening, haha!!

My make-up courtesy of Mary Pauline Buendia branch: Ű

You may see a nice smile above but wait 'til you hear the drama behind all this. Just wait, haha!!

Tytana, special message for you. Remember how pushy you were on me attending the event because you said something about meeting the love of your life?? Oh em gee, I thought about that when I received this text from an anonymous person last night:

"Great 2 c u again. Nice dress. Nite. Ingat."

Gosh, I so hope you're not right coz later that night I learned who he is. Waaah Tyts, I am so not going to tell you who he is. I'll keep you intrigued. Wahaha!! And to my dear Lizzie, I am so starting to believe you on calling me Ms International, coz I swear he's not a Filipino. And that's my clue for you. Hahaha!!
Have a happy weekend y'all!! Ű


Anonymous said...

This was a cellphone launch right?

nice dress, and you're to critical if you thought you looked fat in the 1st pic. When are you due again? :D
j/k hehe.. pic looks fine foo.


Anonymous said...

aaargh!!! Wil, I hate you!!! Hahaha!!

Yes its a phone launch..but I had no time yesterday to look for a pic of it and post it.
- kC

Nivek said...
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Nivek said...

Fairy KC, Can you please grant my wish? Please grant it before you're due :) hahaha.... thanks Wil.

Anonymous said...

aaargh, kevin!!! u r joining Will too?? Hmmp!! Hehehe..