Monday, June 02, 2008

Voice Combo Sandwich Cutie Ű

After the very successful and hit TVC “Pa-cheeseburger ka naman!”, Lem is back for another goofy TV ad for Voice Combo Sandwich. Again, we waited for what seemed like forever for the said ad to be aired yesterday and we only got the chance to have a full view at night!! My initial expression was, “Wow, finally!! Full facial exposure for a longer airtime!!” Hahaha!! Hmm, it’s not as catchy as his line in McDo but atleast I get reviews from my friends that his acting was great!! He really suits that kind of role. Hehe. Well, that’s what matters the most. The concept is not his responsibility. :P Speaking of which, another thing that I’m thankful for in his projects is that he doesn’t get involved in TVCs that can make you go like “Duh?!?!” after. (**cough cough Colgate’s fresh confidence un-dubbed voice**) Here’s his shot during the shoot.

Hay, I can’t get enough of this TVC. I want to watch it again and again. But I’m going home late tonight. If only someone was kind enough to upload it in Youtube. Speaking of which, I just learned that the 3 segments of his McDo TVC are available there. Click it here for the bangs, here for the tuck-in and here for the English.

Oh well, i can always ask him to act out the scene live infront of me, wahaha!! I can’t help but grin at the thought. Ű

My only wish is that folks here in the office would stop teasing me with the Cheesburger thing. Coz already I heard one say this morning: “Pa-voice combo ka naman!” Sheesh!!

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