Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vanity 101: i-Lash Extensions :P

I had my eyelashes extended last Saturday. And I LOVE THE RESULT!! ☻I can say that the process was very intricate although my eyes were shut for 2 SOLID hours!! Imagine, sticking piece by piece of eyelashes onto the edge of your eyelids!! Thankfully, the couch was comfortable (I slept and dreamt during the 1st hour, haha!!) and the staffs are friendly and sensitive to their customer’s needs. Overall, it was a pleasurable experience. Definitely, this calls for some photo-op:

For my girlfriends out there who wants to have their eyelashes done, you can visit their salon in Greenhills. :) Please don’t forget to put my name in the “referred by” space as I’m going to need the discounts for my re-touch in the future. :P

On a completely different note, I read in one of the latest magazines in the office that sheer is making a comeback in fashion. So for yesterday, I took out my simple LWD and wore it to the church for the first time. I bought this in one of the This Fashion boutiques in SG during my first visit last August. Yep, heard it right, not this recent trip. And if it’s an indication to you that I have too much dress, FINE!! I love the simplicity.

However, there were some unexpected guests like the family of the guy whom I had a monstrous crush on way back in high school. The parents - who after transferring to Bahrain some 4 years ago - sort of wished that their son should’ve chosen “yours truly” instead of the current. Aarggh!! Mae, you didn’t warn me that they’re visiting. :P Whatev, past is past. Guy is still a loser for not choosing me. Wahaha, can you sense some bitterness here?? Hahaha. Kidding. Anyways, I still wish the guy his happiness. Still, I wished I picked another dress.:P


Anonymous said...

lol girls are on crack. are these real eyelashes that were pulled and straightened? or fake that'll disappear after you shower?


Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! i dont know they're sticking these pieces of hair onto my eyelids..maybe they're will last for 4 weeks..

Anonymous said...

hmm.. a 2 hrs procedure.. let me guess.. none of your male coworkers noticed it right? hehe..
Was that really worth it? Couldn't you have done something more worthwhile.. like. shopping lol, or spending the day with mom, and celebrating mother's day!!


Anonymous said...

i dont care about my male co-workers even if they notice it or not..hehe

well its a Saturday and mom's day is on a it was just okay.. :)