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25 Restau In A Day Part2: Serendra

When I first stepped onto this very posh place called Serendra a year ago, I asked myself if will there come a time that I will be proud and confess that I’ve fine-dined in all the classy restaurants here. Actually, I resolved that at the tender age of 28, I will be able to do that. But who would’ve thought that I will be given the chance to do it all in ONE DAY!! Well, almost. Almost!! Take a close look at our spot pass for this 3rd leg:

the spot pass

See?? It’s incomplete. :( It’s almost 5 PM when we started invading Serendra and Lisa and I were too full, too sated and too stuffed to taste all these posh restaurants have got to offer. Our first stop was at: Portico. Hmm, they made us taste their yummy “Pork Barrel”. Was it good?? Man, it was yummy and crunchy!! But I’m cutting my review of Portico here coz we’re absolutely coming back to spend Lisa’s day here. :P We were given gift certificates that’s more than enough I think for a group of five here. :) How great was that? We get to taste food and come back next time. Really, big thank you to for this opportunity.

crunchy pork barrel

After this, the group was divided into two and only the five of us are left: 2 BFFs with Karl our marshal. We next hopped onto Culliere. I will be praising to high heavens one stuff that I tried here: their MILKSHAKES!!! It was Sooooooo Gooooood!!! Their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard……makes me wanna sing!! :P I haven’t inquired on the price though but I will definitely spend some bucks here for a dessert next time. What do ya think Liz? :P

milkshakes - must try

Well, it must be the milkshakes coz I wasn’t able to try the pork here in Mamou. :( Too bad!! Anyways, I was able to take a group pic of us bloggers. The other pair of BFFs are Mica and Maki. Cute don’t ya think?? Maybe Lisa should be nicknamed CK afterall. Wahaha!!

2 BFFs and a marshal

Time for some Vietnamese cuisine at Zao!! The staffs here were insistent on trying their pomelo salad!! First time to hear it so I poked one and I can say it’s a nice new try. I heard some people hate the word NICE coz it’s such a vague word. But I’m really sorry I can’t elaborate and explain it all by just tasting one slice of pomelo. Right?? But pomelo lovers out there can go and try this. :) Well, okay I said I’m already bloated but it was pure curiosity alone that made me try their soup. I often wondered if it’s sweet coz I heard from Dien that Vietnamese like sweet foods. According to them, they have sugar served on the table as condiments and dash it away on their food. On second thoughts though, who would like a sugary soup?? Stupid, haha!! But of course, it’s still spicy!! Now I wonder what do Vietnamese call their soup?? I mean if Koreans have Jamfong and Thais have Tom Yam, what’s theirs?? Dien, are you still reading my blog?? Haha!! Will Lucky Me release their Vietnamese version of noodles??

Vietnamese palate

Our marshal left us to do the food tasting on our own after this. But since we’re not familiar as to where the other bistros are, we felt like we were in Amazing Race, the fine dining version. Hehe. One more thing, I just noticed that Lisa and I have this talent of being automatons. We instantly and seamlessly upgrade from our usual palengkera (tactless marketers) to sosyalera (educated socialites) whenever the situation requires of it. Haha!! Or maybe it’s only me that is purely palengkera. :P

Our last stop was at Xocolat! Anything chocolatey, yum!! Below was the plate served to us. A tomato-based something mixed with brownie and thick Spanish hot choco, that ain’t bad either!! :)

hot choco, brownie and a tomato pastry

And we give up!! There’s a lot more unsigned in our pass but we had to let go of them. Sad. We just took some take out from the very famous Sonja’s cupcake – my first time to try was at home. I’m not much a fan of cupcakes before but I now am. :P

Sonja's cupcake

We may have not finished it all, but 4 years is still a lot of time to complete it. Agree?? :)

the very posh condos at Serendra

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