Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Been hanging out with Chek and Lem lately and doing so gave me a glimpse on their lives as models(?!?!). Actually, they call themselves professional bummers. Hehe. Instead of having a steady 8-5 office jobs, they generate income by engaging in these activities which they aptly termed as rackets/ rakets.

Last Wednesday, my brother Lem invited me to watch what he originally thought of was a fashion show. We were at Teatrino Greenhills like 3 hrs before the program (call time for models are early) only to find out that it was just another product launch. Nevertheless, it called for some girlbonding moment with Chek as Lem gets himself dressed and made up in the dressing room. And what a coincidence that the product happened to be a chipset that runs on an Intel 45nm platform, the very product of my previous company. Haha!! While Chek and I were hamming it up for the photographers, I allowed myself for a moment to feel like a socialite whose role is to attend activities like these. Ambisyosa, haha!! Unlike our launches, I found the event dull and boring. I mean, it doesn’t even measure to our affairs. :P Maybe, it’s the product itself or something wrong with the program. Come on, what’s with discussing the history of chipsets in the crowd?? The only time everybody paid attention was the ramp and the stand-up comedy of some local sexy actresses. :P

Bjorn and Lem for Clear, ahaha!!

dark angels, wehehe

and the respective supportive girlfriends, wahaha..I wish!!! :P

And I digress. Seriously, sometimes we look at it as though they're so blessed since they just have to flash a killer smile; strike a pose or do the catwalk and doughs are already coming their way. But it wasn’t that easy. Like the show ended around 10 PM but we left very late because of the photo-op. Like, all the women in the crowd wants to have a pic with Cheeseburger boy and the equally hunky Bjorn. Ok, I’m not going to gush. I said I’m not going to gush. Hahaha!!! The early call time, the baring of your body, the putting up with the people and the long wait are sometimes not worth it especially when the TF (talent fee) for the show will be cut to some percentage by the talent agent. Lem said that they usually choose events to participate into but then sometimes they also have to give way to others chosen by the agents to pay the debt of gratitude.

Samsung held another music phones launch in Absinth at Greenbelt 3. I just dropped by for about 10 minutes and left. Man, that place needs serious air-conditioning. Lem, Chek and I stayed at Cena instead. That’s where I met the competitors: fly-in male supermodels from Brazil that’s landing most of the TV commercials nowadays. Although I said they’re contenders, Lem has nothing against them as they all belong to the same agency. And really, how could he when they all look jaw-dropping up close. My face must’ve betrayed me for resisting gushing when I shook their hands. Hahaha!! I tried really hard, I swear!! :D

At 1 AM, we’re bound to go home but another talent agent came. Lem said that this agent gave Chek a lot of projects and has more to offer so accompanying him is their way of establishing a rapport. Another thing is that this agent will give us free access to the most happening clubs in town. Hmm, did I hear Emba and Alchemy? Of course, we’re not going home yet. Hahaha!! So we went up to Absinth to catch the program but unfortunately, the show has ended. In all fairness, Tony is a funny person and we instantly jelled the moment Brazilian models were mentioned. :P

playing with Tony's shades

Tony, Richard, Hanna, Chek, Lem and Moi


Because according to Abby our company's PR person, I wasn't able to "maximize" Mang Manny our company's photographer, I decided to do it on my own. Very poor backdrop, haha!!

Whether you're someone who's making money out of your beautiful face or works your a** off in your company, money is really hard to earn these days. Hay..

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