Thursday, January 10, 2008


To GMA 7,

It really infuriates me seeing those TV breaks of yours informing the public of your defamation complaint against ABS-CBN blah blah blah. And what? You’re really meaning to air it during breaks of your only show with the highest ratings Marimar? To tell you what, I’m really regretful that I even had to write something about it here in my blog.

First of all, that forced twisting of the story just to extend the said show and take advantage of the ratings is just a lame excuse to the fact that you still have nothing tantamount to replace it. So, in response to Channel 2’s short clip on their “interesting” shows for 2008, you’ll come up with your own version but with the last two shows’ characters still unknown. What, you would like to intrigue the viewers on who are playing the characters huh? Or do I take it you still don’t have talents suited for it?? So, it's not ready yet and you're airing it already? Duh? Well, I can’t blame you. I just heard that one of your very own talents shocked the local showbiz world with her pregnancy. Now, is that the proper way of handling your talents? Tsk, tsk! Or is it your own way of riding with Hollywood’s pregnancy issues?? Sosyal!

Last Sunday, I was happily viewing ASAP with Charice Pempengco’s duet with Lani Misalucha as opening act, Toni’s superb performance on Aguilera’s Candyman and the excellent dance performances when I accidentally sat on the control and it was so unfortunate that it landed on your frequency. And what did I see? Uncoordinated dance moves of your talents for a birthday presentation to the tune of my fave song Umbrella. Geese! I didn’t even know if they practiced together. It was such a sorry sight.

Seriously, look at your shows! There’s no way I would believe that you are the number 1 station, not in any lifetime. =P

Now onto the lighter side,

Aaaah, Spring Waltz. Viewing it sends me tumbling back in time when I was in Korea. I would like to believe that the streets I’m seeing are the actual ones I treaded when I was there. I miss Seoul, awww!

Question, why are Filipinos addicted to horror flicks? Even with one eyes covered with their hand, they’re still going for it? (Of course, I’m not talking about myself, haha!) When I came back from Korea, I haven’t been sleeping in my own room due to the utter mayhem it has become with my new clothes and accessories strewn here, there, everywhere! Through Mom’s help, the bed was finally cleared last week but too bad, I happened to watch Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara! (Gosh, I can’t help but compare it with that poor horror show on the rival station I’m seeing when I take on the G-liners, duh?) and argued with myself if I’ll sleep again beside my mom. In the end I decided against it. I just missed my room so much, I slept with the lights turned on. =P

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