Monday, January 07, 2008

Something for Tytana

( and you thought you could escape this blog huh? Haha!)

We first jelled during the Samsung HitStop Party @ Fiamma Bar in Jupiter St. She 1st caught my attention coz of the moniker she gave me, Be-yon-ke (coz of what I was wearing I suppose). At first I thought she was just overwhelmed like me with the glitz and glamour of our events being a new hire but in the end it turned out that it’s our love for the camera that brought us together. We were then dying to have our pictures in that board where the famous-es pose. Hahaha!

After some time she will be spotted in our room, sidelining as test engineer when it comes to the camera function. Hehe. Whenever there’s a new phone, be sure she has already tried its camera feature. Here are some of our cam-whoring sessions,

Another thing we have in common is our penchant for Narcissus-like men. Haha!! And with it comes our stalking powers that are tested and proven. It’s been 6 months now and she’s not yet over someone. She still talks enthusiastically about him. I can forecast that it will take her long to find that kind of man. =P

In as much as she is selective when it comes to men, the same can be said when it comes to jokes. Though you’ll often hear us cachinnating in the technical room, you’ll still hear things like “Mas gusto ko yung joke na ‘to” from her. Mamili daw ng joke? Hehehe.

She’s also my work absconding buddy. Sssshh!! At first it would just involve simple visits to the nearest bank where she frequents, soon it became the extended lunch-outs in Promenade whenever she’s craving for something until it reached the highest level of taking me out to her operators. Hehe. I would just like to make it clear that the latter is purely for work. Right Tytana? Haha! The Beyonce concert is one for example. =P

I also learned a lot from her: frugal-living for example and effective dieting. And all of this happened just within here 4-months stint. So are you still asking if I will miss her? Of course no. Haha. Kiddin’

Camera, work get-away, joking, stalking, boys, boys and more boys. I wish you a hot Chinese bloke in Australia and promise to find me someone from the French carribean. Wahaha! Misha GurL! =)

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