Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ride to Fame: More of Lem

Ever since I posted something about him here, many have questioned my true kinship to him. So allow me to clear this issue once and for all. Yes, he is my full sibling, not a half-brother and we both came from the same parents. Ok? Gosh, feeling showbiz. Hehe.

Last year 2007 has been one good year for him careerwise. He keeps on boasting of it to me, referring to himself as “the most bankable talent” of his agency. Ang kapal, wehehe. I only believe it as far as I can see but my stomach doesn’t want to. (The promised treat to the family hasn’t materialized yet! Lately, it’s been always on me. Huhu!) Below shows his accomplishments for the past year.

It goes without saying that I’m proud of him. Wala lang. Funny, I just remembered when we were young we used to play all the time, physical games. There’s one like we’re going to race from the stairs to occupy first the sofa (that would mean some pushing along the way) and tit for a tat (a simple returning back of blows or strikes) until they get harder and we’re almost hurting each other. Are we weird? There was this one time he’s got me so cross and igneous. In a fit of pique, I took all pictures with him and crossed out his face (that young, innocent and naughty face of him who resembled the young Paolo Contis). But now, lo and behold! Here I am collecting mementos of his endorsements and achievements. Yay!

We didn’t really grow up close. But lately, we talk often because he’s sharing stories on how his VTRs went about (of course Ate would love to hear) and some updates on his showbiz friends ( specially Bruce Quebral, wehehe). I’m one of the firsts he texts when he gets a lead role in a TVC and I just love that feeling: that instant thought as if almost by reflex that Ate has to know because she will be happy and proud of me even if my response to him will only go something like “Magkano bayad? Kelan ka manlilibre?” Wehehe. Of course, I'm not materialistic, haha!

But in my defense, of course I have to know it! Do you know the latest role I took on recently? A make-up artist! Gosh! He entrusted to me how he’ll look on the VTRs which is crucial because we all know what a physical appearance’s worth in their world. But nah, it was an easy job. I really didn’t have to do much in the 1st place. (Yuuun!)

So wanna know the real reason for all this? Well, all my efforts paid off. It’s a Coke commercial! And based on the latest news, a Globe ad again with KC this time. No, not me of course, it’s the real KC. :) I just hope there’s more exposure this time.

And on the next time you’ll see him, I’m pretty much sure you’ll blurt out “Kapatid ni KC oh!”

Now I’m sikat too. Wehehehe.


Nivek said...

Speaking of the TV debut of the other KC, what about your singing debut you were supposed to post on Youtube?

kCNeSs said...

oh! i'm not going to escape from this, am I? hahaha..

well, it's always busy here..don't worry i'll find time for it.. :)