Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Good Morning Infidelity :)

Call me jologs, I won’t mind. But there’s just something to this tandem that would make you stick to it. It’s the Tambalan of 90.7 FM heard every weekday mornings. Ok, I’m a late bloomer. They’ve been on for 3 years now. I’m not really a total fan but geese! I went to their mall tour last Saturday because of my curiosity as to how Nicole Hyala looks.

This post is not just merely on the hilarity it gives to my mornings but how my outlook was changed on things. Their mantra is simple, look in the positive side of things amidst this problematic life of ours. You see, the mornings of my first few months here at work have seen the grumpiest of me. I guess for a long time I was used to the no traffic (hello, 5 AM?) and convenient couch of our DNS shuttle system in my previous company. Now, I’m stuck on pollution, traffic, unruly fx system and greedy bus operators. There were times I almost got into trouble arguing with bus fare collectors, jeepney drivers or even pervs on the streets. But then I realized, what would I get if I let myself be affected with these things? It’s nothing but the makings of a tumatandang dalaga. Yay! Ugly mornings pa naman can already ruin the rest of your day. So I started making changes in my daily routine. Whenever I’m commuting, I’m always ready with my Kinsella’s definition of piece de resistance (hehe): my trusty sunglasses and my earphones (either my Podie or said station). And yes it worked. No more grouchy mornings for me. I won’t let myself be affected anymore. =P

So sorry Chico and Del. I still tune in though whenever the 2 sessions are finished. Hello mornings. Ű

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