Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My 2007

The ubiquity of this in every blog compelled me to do the same. Well, better late than never. Also, I can consider this the 11th wonders of blog. I just had to review my monthly posts and tadaaaaa….

(a) The concerts

(b) Friendly gatherings

(c) Samsung Events

(d) Local tours

(e) SG and Korea

Of course there are some highlights that need not be captured or were not captured here. For example, my father's retirement and my brother's career (probably on another post ;) and more importantly, the current state of my heart. This year, I was finally OVER someone! Wooohoo!! It may took 3 looooooooong years but it's ok. :)

Allow me to just be a little senti here, it's just that when I look at all these things I never thought 2007 would be a very happy and busy year for me. Its just that before, I believed my life was so boring spending it alone blah blah blah..But enough of that! I've never been this busy in my whole lifetime! I've heard a few friends already telling me they have good vibes for themselves on the coming year. As for me, I don't know. I'll just make the best out of it. To a happier new year. :)

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