Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Wonders of Blog

1. Inspired me to read. This in line with what I read, “In order for you to be a great writer, you have to be a voracious reader.” I indulged myself into literature, brought out the geek to the core in me and I’m glad that nerdsville welcomed me with open arms. Hehehe.

2. Served as one-stop broadcast to all my friends. Well, my friends abroad and in the remotest area owe this one to me, BIG TIME! Haha! No need for long distance calls or lengthy text messages or long thread of email just to catch up with the buzz in my life. They just have to keep it locked here. So quick hi to all of them, they’re so many I might miss one of them. ;) So guys, the savings from the calls and texts just spend it for the pasalubongs ha? Fair enough? Ayt? ;) I hope this will also be an effective medium for everyone to understand my behavior or where I'm coming from.

3. Helped me recover. Before during nighttime, I would want someone to talk to to share my day-to-day happenings. It would make me complete. I used to rely on that someone (skip the unnecessary details hehe) but when I found you, I just found myself hooked on my laptop typing and typing away.

4. Made me see life. Certainly, the pronouncement of your past effort has no importance in so far as it does not mark upon the future. What I’m saying is that this blog helped me reflect on my everyday scenarios and made sense out of it (hopefully, readers you observed it haha!). Whether it’s seeing on a positive side, taking it on a funnier note, anything just as long as I get something out of it.

5. Found the lost half-of me. When I’m about to graduate in the secondary, I know there’s a persona within me that wants to pursue something that is non-technical; to dwell where on my where my strength is. I was so certain before that it’s on broadcast journalism but now I’m starting to doubt if it was writing all along.

6. Side job to keep me busy. I take this blog seriously as though I’m being paid for it. (Well, I wish I do get paid on this! Haha!) A simple reaction or reply makes all the lucubrating all worth it.

7. Unleashed my creative side. This is where you made a geek out of me. I enhanced my skills in a lot of applications (Adobe photoshop and office tools for non-business applications haha) and exposed me to programming: HTML and Java that can be considered strong points in my resume, hehe. All these for one reason: pull-off an interesting concept for a mundane topic. Hehehe.

8. Relieved me of my singlehood. Someday maybe I’ll post here how I’m such an emotional vampire when it comes to singlehood: the self-pity, whining and bitching but now there’s no more of that and I think I owe it all to you. Someday I think my future boyfriend will be jealous of you. Haha!

9. Discover new things. I discovered that I can write (amateurish, if I may add) and hopefully there will be a lot of potentials in me that I can find out. Let’s both take it one at a time.

10. Inspired me to aspire more. There are a lot of things I want to happen in my life and you’re just the perfect aid/ checklist in making them happen. If you notice some speak-aloud-brain-not-engaged promises made here are fulfilled and I want to keep it that way also to my wishlist written on the right side of this blog.

Don’t you just love enumerations? I do! Haha! I hope others will see also the benefits of having a blog. And please let’s not talk about getting addicted to it. ;)

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