Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Thing With TV Ads

First of all, I do acknowledge the fact that I’m not a marketing expert, advertising specialist or anything to make me qualify as a “connoisseur” on this field. I entered network marketing before and pretty much had an idea of how to sell items and is currently in a marketing department (though no direct involvement). But there’s only one thing I’m amazed at: It’s how powerful TV ads are to Filipino audiences. Did you notice it also?

I’ve seen many times how kids’ (my nephews and nieces) attention are being snapped out and glued in front of the TV during the break no matter how funny face I put on or how interesting our games are.

At times I’ve been branded as jologs because it’s easy for me to memorize the jingles of TVCs and make it an LSS or incorporate them in my jokes. Ok, so much for the introduction.

Funny how I had to edit this portion of the original draft just to change course. If you may recall somewhere in my 100th post: 50 Things About Me, I want to freelance someday giving ideas in an advertising agency. In line with that, I initially wanted to put up a new blog solely for TVCs criticism. I don’t know what on Earth possessed me to that but I was excited at first like opening a franchise but then had to resign to it later due to my exceedingly busy sked. Anyways, let me just squeeze my criticisms here ( a 1-time post). Everything started with a billboard:

(1) The Caronia billboard with a barefoot pedicured and different color of pumps lined up in the said feet. I’ve been pedicure-ing myself for 19 years now and I swear if I was to put colors on my toe nails, I WOULDN’T (with some indignation here) wear it on a closed shoes. Will ya? I mean, duh?! It doesn’t make any sense. Yeah in the billboard there were open-toed stilettos but I think there’s just few of them and queued somewhere near the end of the line. (I would appreciate any angle on this if I am being narrow-minded. I mean that was the initial purpose of the blog, thoughts collaboration.)

(2) I SERIOUSLY think that Clear is a reincarnation of some old anti-dandruff shampoo.

(3) I truly believe that celebrities DO NOT really eat whatever food they are endorsing on TV. They’re just good on acting it out.

(4) Carmina’s twins are getting a lot of TVCs. But the gitna ng door is a wrong term for the “gilid ng door”.

(5) That Promil Lutein (I’m not sure) commercial with the idea of melting sugar as an example of how solid turns to liquid is not very well thought of since we hardly use solid sugar here in the Phils. (This coming for an average Filipina mind. The first time I’ve seen solid sugar is in Korea. =P)

Ha! Those are just really TV ads one-liners. Again, if you have other ideas or angles on this I would appreciate it. Who knows I’ll have time to make that blog a reality? For now, I’ll stick to squeeze-in posts like this. :)

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