Saturday, December 15, 2007

Screaming Infidelity # 1

Yeah you may call this a continuation of The Lovin' Red post. I'd just like to share this pic:

This is inspired by one of my fave recent local show. I curled my hair for this event (imagine after 11 months of not touching the iron) just to be like (everybody now) Ma-Ri-Mar. Awww!!

I know I've always confessed here that I am a certified kapamilya. Everybody I think has some infidelities in their own little way. Hihi. I guess Filipinos are just simply addicted to stories lof this kind, ya know what I mean. Ah, this is another one of my useless posts. Its just sad that I missed one whole week of episodes and also an opening of another fave of mine: MSKM Part 2. Oh well. Infidelity # 2 will be posted soon. :)

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