Saturday, December 15, 2007

Couple of Samsung Events: G600 Launch and Partner's Night

No fuss, no hoopla. I wasn't briefed on the event though I already knew of it beforehand. The G600 launch held at Greenbelt 3 entitled Pixel Perfect (Dec 5, '07)

With pretty Samsung girls (Raine and Tytana missing in action):

Our host Bianca Gonzales (I never imagined it was that easy to access her make-up room unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to have a pic with her):

And some "guests":

And one very nice guest (a participant in my training whom I haven't gotten his name but greeted me during the event, I think he's Noelle's apprentice) but he's kinda cute also.

And the following night: Partner's Night (thank you party) held at Teatrino Promenade (Dec 6 '07)

with raine

with tytana

Pic with the host Joyce Jimenez:

And hobnobbing with Dino of Brownman Revival *wink wink*. Sweeeeeet.

And some honchos who would like to have a photo with me, wahaha:

Photoblog I know, I'm sorry. There's just not much to tell. Just having a good time. :)

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