Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Left My Heart in Seoul

.....and I almost missed my flight. (but i got upgraded to business class for free in return;)

Anyong Aseo! KC Imnida. Did y’all miss me guys? I do hope so. Don’t worry I’ll make up for all the posts I lacked last week. But not with my Korea Adventure, not just yet. There are a lot of articles I’d like to post here before the year ends not because they are must-reads but just must let-outs in my head, hehe! Seriously, I’m getting tired of running through these lines in my head. So please take some time first to gander on my weekend posts and some in the future. Most probably, I will give you the blow by blow account by next year because this week will be busy recuperating on work and weekend would be the arrival of someone very special. :)

But since I’m sorta excited already, I will give you a sneak peek on my experience in Korea. My travelogue will cover some of:

#1 Korea and its wonderful culture. Geese, I talk like I’m some sort of philanthropist. Haha!!

Jongmyo Eternal Shrine

#2 Samsung and the Global Conference. According to the Korean Herald, there are 3 things you can’t avoid in Korea: death, taxes and Samsung. And I couldn’t agree more. Samsung in Korea is just everywhere. As in! As for the global conference, here are the men and women I spent my last week with and how a Filipina stood out among these nations. :) Talk about meeting new friends and apparently not just learning about Korea but on other nations as well. Oh, how I loved the different accents! ;)

Say Kimchi

#3 Korean Girls and their sense of fashion. I know I promised to be the sartorialist but dude, everywhere I look women and teenagers alike are soooooo fashionable even if it’s in the province of Gumi. Kabog ang lola mes. To my left and right, I see new styles and I find myself telling “Hey, why haven’t I thought of that?” and I realized it takes guts to be the sartorialist. Hehe. Here’s one I captured, I hope Ms. Sunmi won’t hate me for this:

Dress costs 69k KRW

#4 Everland. Here’s one happy child in a park!

Korea's Disneyland

#5 My Boys. Yes, I’d like to call them mine. Wahaha!! A night where I partied with them and my different crushes per day. *wink wink* But there’s one that captured my heart and nope its not Lawrence. So do I already spill the famous break-up line here “It’s not you, it’s me?” Haha! He’s a special guy from Spain named Samuel, the most handsome guy I've ever met in my life.

a place they call downtown

#6 And my utter stupidity. What happened to my English? Saying toss for toast, bought for brought, and he for she..what the? And did you know I almost missed my flight of 8 PM? I was in the airport around 730 PM. When the staff in the check-in and luggage section told me “You’re too late.”, I didn’t feel any fear or nervousness in me. I instantly thought of going back to the hotel (notwithstanding the fact that my phone’s battery is drained how do I contact the airlines. boss or family? ; I don't have enough pocket money or even clueless as to how to get my ass back in the hotel). I just wanted to spend more time with this guy Samuel.

I te Pierdas Samuel

So talagang may collage? Haha! That’s how stupid I am when it comes to love. OMG! Did I just say the L word? Did just fall for him???????????????

But with the help of prayers, I got in. Maybe it was not meant to be. Why did I have to meet him if I can't be with him? *sob*

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