Monday, December 10, 2007

Giorgio Armani for Samsung

Pardon the whole nothing-ness of this post. I'd just like to be the first to let my mulitply network or blogspot readers to know:


This will be available by next year and I'm excited already. Haha!! I know I can post better photos from the Web but I'd like to make it personalized (meaning this is my unit now haha!) Ű

I may not be able to buy clothes from his brand but atleast I can always use his phone. :)


Nivek said...

Nice looking phone but I really want the SGH-I617 Blackjack 2 or the Apple iPhone. Either way, T-Mobile doesn't offer either so I'm stuck with my SGH-T729 Blast until August when my contract is up. By then the iPhone version 2 and the Blackjack 3 will be out :)

kCNeSs said...

hmm.. oh really? i780 is also nice that will be our blackjack only samsung phones..haha! =P