Friday, November 16, 2007

SG Day 4c Travelogue: Shopaholic Turned Drama Queen

Still in the hotel. I called up the airlines to move my flight from Saturday to a holiday Monday so I can spend more time with my best friend. Sadly, Sunday’s the only available and I had to be waitlisted. After the call, I looked at the time and to my utter horror, it’s already 5:30 and Joy’s already waiting in her office.

Friday Agenda: Orchard Mall. Woohoo!! Since August, Joy’s been urging me to visit her because of the massive Charles n Keith sale. Based on the latest news, it’s still on and I have to hurry. ;)

Just like any best friends would do, she introduced me to all of her officemates. So you know, the next time we talk about gossips, we can easily relate to. Haha!! Joy even told me that one of the Indian managers found me pretty and he’s offered to find me a job there. That sounds Wow pero Indian na naman? Go figure!

Joy's office

Since Orchard is too far, we’ll take the MRT. The EZ link card is dual purposed (for bus and train, why can’t we imitate that?). And with our camera, expect a lot of pics along the way. By the way we were with Juliet. She’s Joy’s ex best friend and was about to get married when I came into the picture so I can say it’s a perfect timing. She followed Joy in SG and I’m thankful she’s there to look after her.

I will never get excited again in riding SG’s MRT. I found it hard to breathe inside the crowded train because of the well, mixed odor. It’s not that I’m maarte or sensitive, it’s just simply unbearable. Still, I preferred not to use my hanky to pay respect as a tourist. Ehem, hehe.

On the way to Orchard

As I see the mob walking on the streets, I feel overexcitement rising through me. This is it! My dreamt-of shopping spree with my best friend abroad is finally happening. =) As I look left and right, a series of fabulous names rushes past my eyes. Despite my not-so-shopping-friendly sandals, my steps have more spring in them that when I stepped onto the Takashimaya mall, I silently muttered “I’m home.” Haha!

On our left is a very familiar name that perfectly fits the phrase: TO DIE FOR, Louis Vuitton. There’s no question, we’ve got to enter. I’ll be a hypocrite to say that I don’t fancy having a bag here, WHO DOESN’T????? But you know, it’s just an easy answer to the question: “If money is of no matter, what would you splurge on?” just like what I see in those magazines. I have to confess a little secret here, it’s my first time to enter this boutique because frankly you can never do that in the Philippines, your own country. Looking for bags after spectacular bags, I feel buoyant with relief. I didn’t check the price though ‘coz I don’t want to experience vertigo. Haha!!

We checked on different boutiques that catch our eyes and honestly my legs are already hurting. And what’s adding more and has got me slightly annoyed is the way Juliet and Joy checks for other less interesting shops for their needs. Am I selfish?

Until finally we reached this sale, the very reason why we went to Takashimaya in the first place: the great toy sale. Juliet wants to buy something for her daughter and Joy as well for some family friend’s baby. Before they left me in a corner, Joy was aware I’m already bone-tired. You all know what happened yesterday. She even took me photos before she left and it’s obvious in the picture below:

toy store

As they go on searching on the sea of toys, I don’t know but for some reason that tingling in my right eye which I was complaining about before is getting worse. I think the rate is almost at par with my heartbeat I kept on winking. Also, my legs are hurting I feel like a varicose vein is about to sprout. We haven’t reached CnK yet and already I feel my excitement ebb away and worst, replaced with frustration. This isn’t the girlbonding I’m expecting it to be. They can always have time for themselves. But as for me, I’m not staying too long. I want to spend more time with her trying on tops with our most favorite sweetheart necklines or slip-on the most darling shoes we’ll ever find. Some days ago, I invited Joy to sleep over in my hotel tonight but she cancelled earlier because she doesn’t want to leave Juliet behind. But what about me? Am I not important anymore? Half-blinded by disappointed tears, I went out of the toy area and schlepped to where my feet would lead me. God, what DRAMA!! But what can I do? I’m the veteran of hormonal imbalances and no one messes with that. I landed on what must be a department store and plonked myself on an encircled chair ignoring the different stares of strangers as they see my eyes turn pink.

This is wrong. All wrong. Joy and I may have had slight misunderstandings before but we never reached this point. But I was hurt and I need to get away to think clearly. I stayed there for like 15 mins and it’s almost 9 when I left. I was hoping that for that span she’ll call me. After all, I’m a stranger to the place but I didn’t get any. What if I was kidnapped or anything bad happened to me, doesn’t she care? The more I was hurt. I returned to the place and when I was aboard the downstair escalator, I saw them on the opposite side going upstairs. I opened my mouth to shout to them but no voice came out. How?? I can’t even bring myself to speak to them.

So I stayed there in the second floor for some more minutes before I finally summoned my courage to call. I know it has to end that way. I left without them knowing and it would be rude to just leave and go home
(or to hotel at least).

I was still silent the whole time I was with them. I actually ignored Joy when she asked me “Badtrip ka?” We finally reached CnK where everyone’s gagging on the sale but honestly I can’t get excited anymore. Gosh, maybe I should always be in this mood to save money, haha!!

Knowing that it’s so uncommon for me to just stare on those shoes and bags on a Charles n Keith sale, they got this idea that maybe I was hungry. So we went right after to MOS burger where Joy treated me for some cheeseburger and sat beside me for atonement. Her usual way is of course through her jokes which I had to react to with suppressed smiles. Look at the pictures below,

MOS Cheeseburger

Then they started conversing,

Joy: Bakit kaya MOS Cheeseburger ang pangalan nito?
Juliet: Ano ka ba!? MOS!! E di pinaka!

And by that time, I can’t hide anymore. I gave out a chuckle and in turn showed them this very funny video saved in my phone. I’m so shallow talaga! By the time we walked out of the fastfood, I’m already in my usual joker self. :P

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