Monday, November 19, 2007

ADDA Goes to Redbox

ADDA stands for Apat Dapat Dapat Apat. It’s not actually official but I just coined the term to denote completeness of the original Tagaytay tambays.Ü Ü Ü** It’s been ages since we last got together. Lately, it’s just me and Lisa, girls' date with either Mike or Xtian. The usual reason Xtian can escape his “kumander” (haha) is when there’s a visiting counterpart usually from Intel Chandler. Whatever reasons, it’s just simply a bliss seeing all of us together. :D

Xtian, Lisa, Moi and Mykee

The lyrical princess admits albeit embarrassingly that it’s her first time here. Yikes! So I know bugger on operating the machine as compared to my honed skills in manipulating our videoke. LOLS! Well, in comparison I’d rather choose from a printed material than seeing a list on the screen ‘coz you know, it doesn’t really present you all the options in a comfy way. (Gosh, as if I don’t know very well my “piyesa” haha!) And what’s up with these new songs with MTV videos but doesn’t have the lyrics? BOO!! Thank goodness for my sharp memory, haha!

So when I finally got the hang of it, what to expect than to present myself in my mic-hogging glory? Haha!

Nice floral print

Let me just point out that this happened a day after Beyonce’s concert (with all my screeching) and after a Starbucks frappe earlier coz I didn’t know this would be the agenda. But I’m impressed, my voice hasn’t failed me. Wahaha!! But this one, hindi kinaya ng powers ko. Mike arrived an hour late but came prepared with a list of songs on his phone. Kamusta naman? Haha. He also taught me this trick on inserting your song from being last on the queue. So by now you pretty much have an idea on who and who reigned on the microphone. Wahaha!!

It was a happy Thursday night. I think we played our role as hosts very well to David and I made sure I entertained him with my well, stand-up comedienne skills. Wahaha!! But when I saw the bill, I faltered. I’m RESOLUTE I’ll stick to our videoke. LOLS! But I’m preparing something, some kind of a request from a blog reader ű. I hope I’ll finally have the time for it. Leaving you with group pics:

groupie with David and Pam

and of course, the complete ensemble =P


Til my next firsts narratives. Tata! =)

** Of course, I was referring to our Intel times back then. There are 2 reasons for our super extended lunch-out at Tagaytay: (1) it's payday and (2) it's a Lazy Friday. =P

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