Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Make Me Wanna

Frequenting Perez Hilton's site make me wanna:

(a) Oogle on this guy whom I don't even know where he stars, haha! (Sorry, I'm not updated on Hollywood shows but he's zo gorgeous.)

Chace Crawford
(b) Cut my hair like hers. What with that length on the rage on local screens, I wonder if it will suit me. Hmmm?

Tom and Katie

(c) Perform the supposed-to-be choreo of Brit Brit's VMA maybe on one of our upcoming programs. Yay! Haha..I still haven't lost that fantasy on dancing with Brit's ditty. Check it out, nice moves!

(d) Appreciate Hayden's Panattiere's efforts for saving the dolphins. Aah, poor creatures. The longer footage made me cry, sob! =,(

Those are some juicy tidbits I gathered. You may want to check it out for yourself. Caveat though, it's not really a salubrious site ;)

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