Monday, November 12, 2007

My Beyonce Experience

My over-all Beyonce experience was _______________. Wow! I really can’t put exactly into words. I wish I can combine all the adjectives and come up with a word such as floccinaucinihilipilification but something like that in its opposite.

My ticket was ehem..VIP left. It’s the most expensive I’ve had in my whole concert-life but it was definitely worth every penny. Gosh! I speak as though I’ve worked blood and sweat in order to pay for it but actually no. Like what I said, what's the use of working for a company she endorses if we don't get free tickets? Haha!!

The news came to me on a Monday; just when I was ready to let go of this event. I totally adore Beyonce but 5K is too much for an open field concert whose venue is not even tiered and grounds not asphalted. It’s not worth my money.

So you can just imagine how happy I was then. I was dancing on the ceiling. I can’t keep out the elation on my voice everytime I speak and most important of all, I was overzealous at work! Mwahaha!!

Hindi kami masyadong excited. Take a look at photo below to see the time we arrived, haha:

a view of the stage

my attire

Yes! We’re already there right when everything’s still being set-up under the scorching heat of the sun. I was there in my, according to some officemates, “front-act” attire (wahaha) conducting training on techie stuffs on these rambunctious promo girls. Tytana drove me off to the event around 1 PM. How about that? Haha!

Around 2 hours before the concert, we were already ensconced in our seats. I’m not really good when it comes to estimating distances but it can already be considered a pretty good view. Besides, who am I to complain? And because we’re trigger-happy,

tytana and moi

For those who are familiar with her, maybe you’re all wondering why there’s suddenly a third party in the picture. So allow me to share some details and it’s worth-mentioning ‘coz it imparts a very valuable lesson. Listen up! Well, it so happened that 1 ticket from technical group got free because y’all know how technical people are right? Except me, hehe. This actually caused a kettle of fish in the office and risked my well, nice reputation but I had to do something to stay true to my dear friend Lisa.ű I informed her a day before and she was so unprepared she even had to borrow earrings from her dorm-mate. Haha!! I hope I pretty made clear the morale here: “Lucky are those who get to befriend me.” Wahaha!! Kiddin’. Later our row got completed and I’m glad that Lisa and Tytana somehow jelled. After all, they’re both my friends.Ü

The place was security-protected and we felt safe enough specially when we saw the guards perambulating in the afternoon. But we didn’t expect on this hazard in our area: ergonomic risk. Bwahaha! Boy! Did Lisa and I almost have stiff neck turning our heads to have a glimpse of the famous celebrities from the entrance on our left? Haha! We saw a lot and the most pleasing to my eyes was my girl Anne Curtis and as for Lisa, it’s none other than her idol Kris Aquino. Wahaha! Enough about us, more on Beyonce.
It was a razzle-dazzle. The moment B appeared on the stage, everybody (as expected if I may add) began standing on their chairs in sync with their whoops and shrieks. Though I know it will bring serious harm to me in the end, I’m still thankful for wearing my unlicensed to kill stilettos. When I finally saw her she looks ravishing in her shining-shimmering-splendid cheverlu dress. Haha!! She opened up with Crazy In Love and the rest is history. =P

Sorry guys but my ticket is too expensive for me to share some minutiae of the concert. Haha!! Kiddin’. Even if I want to, I can’t recall anymore the order of the songs she sang. Because the minute she started gyrating, she made me feel like a mover and shaker too! Oh and can I just add singer and whooper too? Haha!! I’m such a feeling Beyonce specially when she asked the crowd to sing “Irreplaceable”. There I was belting out the complete song in accompaniment of the guitar. Yikes, haha! But at least I got a compliment. Like what Tytana said “Bilib ako sa concert skills mo.” Haha!! I didn’t know there’s such a thing as that but thanks gurl!Ü

Another reason also is because she sang aaaaa lllllllloooooooootttttt!!! Including of which are the famous DC songs. I know she sang the most in all those but still, the impact to me is that she still recognizes her humble beginnings. And DC girls will always have a special place in my heart.ű

I once read somewhere that Rihanna’s a threat to Beyonce but I beg to disagree. She still needs to eat a lot in order to be B, not that I hate Rihanna or something. Maybe when she already made it into Hollywood that’s when I can say she’s at par with her. But for the nonce, B’s peerless.

Some disliked her closing Happy Birthday song but for me I think it’s kinda different way to end a concert. After all that’s the title of her album. I just felt a slight twinge of disappointment when she didn’t utter a single Tagalog word like “Kamusta?”, “Mahal ko Kayo” or “Mabuhay!”. I was looking for these words as I silently sadly listen to her parting song. Oh well! She’s still Beyonce, earning filthy lucre even without the Filipinos supporting her.

my poor shot of B (stupid me not studying my cam!)

And you know what to expect after concert with my girl and above all in a perfect place? Well, almost. Lisa and I were already queued for the guest list of Emba when she suddenly lost the mood; me too ‘coz my legs area already killing me I had to remove my shoes on the last set of the concert, boo! We left the place around 11:30 PM hoping that B did not confirm her visit to Emba as I hear Tim Yap talking to someone on the phone.

And to cap off my experience, I saw another have-a-picture-with-to-die-for heartthrob super-duper crush of mine while waiting for a cab: Mateo Guidiceli. Weeeeeeee!! What a night! :)

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