Thursday, November 08, 2007

Secret Fantasies of A Hopeless Romantic

(inspired by Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret?)

#1 Go! Ok. I know this is gross but it once occurred to me having previous, I repeat “previous” gay lover. I mean doesn’t it make you “SOMEONE” when a guy who once used to like men before actually looked at you and fell for you. It’s like you completely changing them, transfiguring them and above all leading them to the right path. Besides, aren’t those hot guys nowadays are simply the too-good-to-be-true guys. You gotta admit it! They’re……………….SAYANG! Right?

#2 It’s no secret that guys are my Achilles’ heel. But oftentimes I really really wish for a guy whom I won’t see for his physical features. And we’ll meet in this very irritating way (picture when San Cai meets Dao in Meteor Garden) and then we’ll fall for each other in the end (and I’ll realize he really fits my physical standards after all, haha!) Mind you, I have one in the office, we already had this not so good encounter, let’s just say a clash wherein I really got furious at him. Oh have I mentioned he’s also antipatiko (what do you expect, an Atenista?). But in the end, I forgot the ire and dropped it! He’s really cute. Haha!! And yes, he’s my current everyday inspiration. I’m so yucky. Gosh, I’m hopeless.

#3 Someone once told me that husbands and wives have this semblance with each other which is slowly becoming true as I study the faces of happily married couples I know. And I dread this idea ‘coz as it happens I already know someone who looks like me and it’s not that I’m closing my door on him knowing that he liked me before but it’s just that……..uhmmm…ok! I just hope it’s not entirely true. Ok?

#4 Please, please no violent reaction. But sometimes I wish for that someone familiar to turn up on my door. Realize how after all this time he was an effin’ fool to let me go blah blah blah. But there’s just one reason I want this to happen. The perfect scenario for which is to slam the door on him and just have a good laugh on it, the most worth-it sinister laugh of all. Bwahaha!!

#5 Whenever I tell my girl Lisa how I’m not so good for any guy. She’ll always encourage me with these words “Gurl, don’t lose hope. Who knows maybe we’re meant for greater things." It really sounds uplifting but honestly I can’t bring myself to believe it. But does it count things like daydreaming of Borgy Manotoc suddenly noticing you from a crowd and charmed with your personality? Or better yet Lee Joon Ki meeting in a foreign place, having a short conversation and totally hitting it off. I think I’m really not taking the practical meaning, am I? Hahaha!! But hey, just like the old saying goes “Libre mangarap.” Hahaha!!

#6 I know I shouldn’t be wishing for this but I often wonder how fulfilling it is to steal someone else’s boyfriend. (Xiela will kill me for this.) It’s like “Wow, I’m a real b*****
!” But I know it’s so hard to recover having been a victim myself. But I know it would be more acceptable if it isn’t that evil or something. It’s more of it just happened because maybe they’re not really meant for each other and we are. That ilk. Xiela, don’t worry it’s not your cupcake. :P

#7 Don’t you also wish to have a relationship with a guy best friend? Those thing in common soaps wherein you practically know each other and one accidental kiss or close encounter will make the two of you realize how much you like each other. I’m so baduy talaga. Haha!! I don’t actually have a specific guy for this. Oh, in fact I think I do. He’s not literally a best friend but there’s like a mutual unsaid untexted agreement that if all else fails and the time is right, you’ll give each other a try. Haaaaayy..

#8 Also, there’s this someone who’s been there all along. Not also your closest chum but simply a friend whose family already treats you as their own and is so so 200% approving of you for any of the guys in their clan. Hahaha!! This kind is more likely bound to be a happy ending, don’t you think?

#9 There’s also this someone who’s equally talented as you. Someone whom I’ve been wondering all this time why he hasn’t found the real love of his life. He ain’t bad physically either, matter of fact he’s a MAGNET. I’m just waiting for an encounter, a magical spark that will bring the two of you together and utter the line “it was you all along all this time”. Eewwwwwww. Haha!

#10 It could also be someone who’s miles away (you’re so many miles away from me, haha!) Someone you like for exactly the way they are but sadly distance kept you apart.

And to all of this allow me to give my most world-weary sigh…Haaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy..

Lastly, if I tell you item for item who these guys are..would you keep it a secret??????? Sshhhhhhhhh!!!

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