Monday, November 05, 2007

SG Day 4b Travelogue: Sweet Goodbye

We’re compatible! Totally and utterly compatible. Walking with Lawrence on the way to Pagi Sore an Indo restau, I learned that he appreciates fashion. He knows about styles, textures and fabrics. As in! I mean, how many guys have I encountered who share a vicarious interest? Answer: None. Nada. And did I hear him say his girflriend’s naïve on those things? Gosh! What kind of girl is she? I almost wanna confess “I can be your girl!” Eewww. Hahaha!

Honestly, it’s been addling my brain since last night how he often says that their relationship is perfect because they’re completely the opposite of each other. Don’t get me wrong here. Yeah I know there’s a rule in physics that opposites attract but what about that compatibility thingy? Haven’t they heard about the rule on……..uhmmmmmmm..aaaahhhhh..ok! I can’t recall any rule to oppose that. Hahaha!!

Let’s just put it squarely. If he was sweet earlier then I’ll return the favor, simple as that. Since I was seated next to him, I get to serve him with the viands on the table: as in putting some of the food right on his plate. But before you accuse me and lambaste me with “You-b****-boyfriend-stealer-home-wrecker (huh?)”. Allow me to explain. I perfectly understand where I stand. I guess I just missed that feeling of having someone to care about. Is that supposed to be a crime?

Training keeps ‘til 3 o’clock. A bit earlier than the usual to give way for some who already scheduled their flights home this evening, including him. Boo-hoo! But I would just like to note how he solved a software application network connectivity problem during the training. I know I’m supposed to be knowledgeable on this networking stuff and all and mentioning it means adulating him but really, he’s AMAZING! =P

At the end of the training, I finally get to clear the issue to Alex in a friendly way. He in turn vindicated me to the SG team. He didn’t have to explain how he got that ill-founded info ‘coz my brain already processed the scenario right when I heard the word “Rose.” And the story goes a little something like this, haha!

You see, when Alex visited the Philippines, I was still new back then. I suppose he was asking about me to a certain employee but standing from afar that damned glaucomic employee may have seen his hands pointing to Rose our admin who’s the one married and who’s geologically positioned next to me. Tsk tsk Alex! That’s what you get for undercovering my status. And now you’re bragging about recently having a girlfriend??? Eat your heart out! Haha!! This theory is plausible guys and I don’t really know his motives for asking but I’m inclined to think that way. Right?

My appointment with Joy is still after office hours and good thing the Vietnamese broached on going to Mustafah for some cheap take home gifts. I’ve heard about this also, it’s where I can exchange my USDs for higher rate. So off we went the 3 of us to SYED road near Little India. We dropped by the mall quickly which I had no qualms about even if it's a MALL coz (1) I’m really scared of the place there are a lot of Indians and (2) I didn''t find any interesting thing to buy on that mall. Besides, we have to hurry back to the hotel to get their luggage and catch their flight home.

Time passes really quickly. It was just last night that I met two wonderful people and now they’re leaving. Sad. Just like a child frustrated on a situation, I protruded my lips just when they were about to bid their goodbyes. Believe me guys, I did it just to make the situation lighter so I was really surprised when Lawrence dropped his luggage , opened his arms and said “Come here.”

For some seconds, I was like “Am I dreaming? Is it a mirage?” haha! I think I almost threw myself on him it must be a spring on my feet or something, haha!! But I hugged also Supachai who was rather shocked so I won’t be obvious. :P

And there! My so-called “burgeoning” romance ended LIKE THAT. Haha! (Sam, are you disappointed? wehehe.) They made their way to the taxi and I waved them my goodbye.

Phew! Fridays are really eventful days. I can’t believe I haven’t covered another drama on that night so I guess I’ll just have to create a Part C for this. :)

the indo restau

one last group pic

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