Monday, November 26, 2007

Lovin' Red

Specially prepared for those who miss seeing the clumsy, eye-sore, trying hard fashionista me. Wahaha! Do I have a specific girlfriend in mind? Err, Allen? Haha! My recent rags, I mean glad rags:

Petit Mondeay:

Kamisetish Tuesday:

Malditang Wednesday:

Bayonic Thursday:


And going straight to party:

You know, in theory. I can NEVER wear that to party. My mom's gonna bite my head off for posting this let alone wear this outside. Haha!

For those who can recall, I have posted already something like this before entitled The Black n White Saga. (Gosh, as if I have religious followers. Haha!) Ok, 5 seconds to click on the link. =P But that eponymous post was more on my passion for combining those two timeless hues. Also it was more concentrated on trousers instead of these girly skirts now. I guess styling it up in dressy ways this time means I've turned more malandi over the years. Wahaha! Kiddin'.

Another thing is that doing it more colorfully this time signifies the opposite of the mourning colors before. Red is a happy color and yes, I am genuinely happy now compared to before. It is also a color of love. But no, none yet. There are no signs of love yet in the air. Ü

I'd like to end this post by thanking my sponsors. Aside from the above secondary names used as adjectives (coz I ran out of descriptions, haha!), big thank you goes to my primary endorsement. It's my fave shop in the whole wide world, Charles n Keith. =P =P =P KC for CnK, don't we make a pair? ;-)

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